Sleep…. Glorious Sleep!

Oh where, oh where have you been dear sleep?  You are amazing!  You are now my new BFF (Sorry K, O, T and B).

On Tuesday night the hubs and I had our brand new pillow top mattress set delivered to us.  LOVE! OMG! I have not felt this rested since….hmmm… since BEFORE kids!

I have been dragging my sorry ass around here for years – blaming the fog in my head and my lack of focus on so many things… the hubs travelling, the kids, my job, lack of exercise etc… When now I’ve learned that sleep, eating well and exercising are the three key things I can do to help me feel good about myself and to help me be productive.  So excited about the new mattress, I’ve been turning in early and skipping TV, skipping the twitterverse and the amazing twitter parties and skipping the blogosphere.  And OMG! I feel great!

Yesterday I even went on a run – yes a run.  I know, I know… I made a glorious training plan a month ago after the Underwear Affair 10K and I was going to do the Turkey Trot and I was going to train hard with tempo runs, 400 repeats etc… and I was going to set a new PR… But, then the hubs told me he was going away for 3 weeks in October and I couldn’t do the race ‘cause I couldn’t get the training in, or do the actual race ‘cause SuperFan won’t be there to watch the kids….. And – my excuse list goes on and on… But on Friday I woke up feeling AMAZING so I went for my first run in close to 4 weeks.

Awesome-sauce! Here’s the proof:

I guess the moral of this little story is if life has got ya feelin’ down, try doing something for yourself – go to bed early, eat some fruit and veggies, skip that extra coffee and have some water, go for a walk… You’ll be amazed how much these conscious changes can make you feel AMAZING!  Yes – turn your ‘puter off and go to bed!

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