Sleepless In Toronto

!@(DCP_0023.JPG popimg: “Back to Sleep?”)Everything I’ve read about babies says they should sleep on their backs – in fact even Sierra’s Diaper says “Back to Sleep” on it. But I’m seriously getting delirious from my lack of sleep – today I was emptying the dishwasher, and tried to put the dishes away in my fridge! And my lunch? It’s been sitting in the microwave for 20 min now – I just rememebered that I nuked some Pizza for myself. You see, this kid WILL NOT sleep on her back. She absolutely hates it – she will scream, scream, scream. You’d think that I was torturing the poor kid to hear her scream like that. So for many weeks now – the only way she sleeps is in her swing, or on my chest. I am so freaked that something bad will happen to her if she sleeps on her tummy – but c’mon – look at her – doesn’t she look so peaceful on her tummy? Sigh – what’s a mom to do?

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  1. she definately looks peaceful on her belly like that. i have no advice to give, as i don’t know what’s good for babies…but i know sleeping on my tummy is comforting (unless your boobies hurt, and i don’t think she’s at that stage yet :razz:)

  2. Well they do say do not let the baby sleep on it’s tummy. Maybe keep trying to keep her on her back, and she will cry herself to sleep? They get used to it after awhile. Good luck!!

  3. OUr older son was the same way and our pedi said that babies,by nature, actually like to lay on their tummies because they feel more protected. He showed us how to have him sleep 2/3 on his tummy and 1/3 on his side by putting a sleep positioner on either side of him. He loved it. remember to rotate otherwise their head will get flat on one side. Sleeping on their back also prevents gas from passing which is what our son had issues with. He said most pedis have issues with “back to sleep” because it has caused a lot of people to think they cannot put infants on their tummies at all which is not true. As they get a month older, you want “tummy time” otherwise they miss out on an important milestone. Hope this helped.:wink:

  4. I had the same problem with Ben. We settled for sleeping him on his side with a sleep positioner also. Other times, we used his infant carseat or bouncy seat in the crib for him to sleep on his back, but at an angle (until he was mobile enough to fall out), that also seemed to help. Luckily, he started rolling over early, so the SIDS risk declined and he could happily sleep on his belly. Now that he is older, he sleeps on his belly (with his cute little rump up in the air) or on his side.

  5. A rolled up towel will work to keep them on their side, and I remember when my kids were little that they wanted them to sleep on their tummies so if they threw up they wouldn’t choke. I don’t know about the SIDS idea.

    And I keep my dishes in the fridge all the time – I don’t find it unusual. It was a tradition I started back when my kids were babies.

  6. Nothing you can do, really. Elijah was and is the same way. He still likes to sleep on his stomach… like me, I guess. They say that you should just gently turn them over if you notice them the other way, but you can’t stay up at night worrying about it.

  7. The two nephews are tummy sleepers and always have been. They are both doing just fine. Supposedly one of the reasons for sleeping on the back is for better breathing. I think Docors make new Moms worry to damn much.

  8. I have friends that had babies that would only sleep on their tummy’s. They were okay. I think the sleep positioner was my saving grace with Kaitlyn as I had her on her back/side and she couldn’t get to her belly…

    Poor Sierra – all I can think about is how I like to sleep on my stomach too. But right now I have a sleep positioner keeping me from doing that (my big belly!!)

    When we were kids, sleeping on your back was the bad thing and I think we were all put on our tummy’s. I imagine it’ll be completely different by the time Kaitlyn and Sierra are having babies! LOL

    I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time sleeping – just don’t put the milk in the cupboard and sugar in the fridge!

  9. My son was the same way, I would lay him on his back and then he would just toll himself over on his stomach. I think that until she can acuatlly lift her head and roll over I would keep her on her back. Its better to be safe then sorry right.

  10. I know there’s a lot of talk about babies on their tummies and SIDS, fortunately I didn’t have to worry about the tummy issue since Jakie always perferred sleeping on his back. I think that as long as you keep the crib free of pillows and blankets Sierra should be okay. Also, what might help is to just have the baby monitor turned up extra high so you can hear her breathing.

  11. i just found out that the governemnt department i work for was responsible for the “Back to Sleep” message on your diapers – i’m in communciations and was at a workshop and the marketing woman was using the “back to sleep” campaign as a successful marketing endavour with the cooperation of “big diaper” etc. and i thought of you while she was describing all of this. She said babies who sleep on their tummies are at higher risk for SIDS. her advice to you is to swaddle Sierra tightly and try to get her to sleep on her back. of course, she said her baby liked to sleep on his back, so the screaming wasn’t quite the same issue. hope you both get lots of sleep soon, whatever position it’s in :)

  12. My son used to only like to sleep in his car seat, or with Mommy. So, we put his car seat in the bassinet in our room and he slept through the night for the first time ever.

    The kid spent 9 months living in water, so sleeping on anything is going to take some used to.

    Hang in there, Marie.

  13. hmmmmm I am of the school nothing in the crib with babies.. Their rooms should be warm enough with a good weight sleeper for the season. That way there is no chance of the baby smothering on something in the crib.
    Just another mothers opinion.
    Start small. Put the baby to bed early(so you have time enough to get to bed at a good time too)let her sleep about 5 mins in what ever position she wants. All of this while you are in the room.. Slowly turn her over as you can until she is completely on her back. Soothing her the whole way through it.. If she fights it, stop momentarily.. Once she is on her back.. If she wakes up completely let her turn over until she is asleep again.. If you start early enough in the night you should be fine to be able to go to be at a reasonable time in the evening.
    But please remember the complete transformation may take about 3-4 days…
    Maybe this well help. It did for our daughter…..

  14. I’ve learned that the reason for “people” sayings its better to make infants sleep on their backs aren’t for actual health purposes but more for the fear of crip death. None of my 3 children liked sleeping on their back much and i learned that as long the surface they are sleeping on is somewhat hard and there aren’t other things in the crib such as rail cushions, extra blanks, toy etc. then chances are your baby won’t be able to sufficate. My children never did and i had many nights of great sleep. First time parents always seem to “follow” every rule and i don’t blame you for being concerened since its what everybody says you should do but chances are your baby will just fine and sleep alot better if you lay her on her belly.

    Good Luck!

  15. You poor thing! When my kids were babies, they weren’t supposed to sleep on their backs. It’s so confusing. I think if you can find a system that works and you can monitor her really well, that’s what you should do. I hate to sound insensitive, but babies have survived some pretty extreme conditions and a wide variety of sleeping positions for, what, 1000s of years, and literally billions of us survived. We didn’t even have car seats when we were babies. I think a mom who is rested and a baby that is comfortable is more important than following the advice du jour. You are probably more likely to have an accident from being overly tired than you are to have a baby die in her crib. I am so sorry for people that has happened to though. My brother died when he was a baby from brain damage during delivery and I had a friend once whose baby died of SIDS. So, I know the devastation up close, thankfully not personally.

    But anyway, happy baby + rested mom = safer and healthier famiily, in my opinion.

  16. hi, i stumbled upon your blog.. for what it’s worth – my son slept on his belly from like 4 weeks on… for the exact same reason as you.. i was so deliriously exhausted… i lied to my pediatrician and even to my husband. if your home is a non smoking home – and your sheets are snug – you are probably ok… my son is 16 months and thriving. you will be fine – it’s really tough in the beginning. but i promise it will be fine – that’s all i can say…

    i’ll keep reading.. thanks!

  17. I know the chances of something happening are little to none, but I’d still be a nervous nellie.
    But who am I kidding, I’d probably be nervous about everything!

  18. My second son had reflux, and I was more worried about him choking on spit up than sleeping on his belly, so a belly sleeper he was. I’ll reiterate the dress appropriately temp-wise and have nothing in the crib, then if that’s how she sleeps best, let her.

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