So Close Yet So Far Away – How do I Prevent PPD?

Last year I wrote extensively about the “Fog in my Head” and how I couldn’t focus and how I felt sad, angry etc… Since then, a lot has changed. Hubby hasn’t been travelling near as much (woot!), I’ve gotten back to my running, and I’ve really found joy in my life (with more “joy” due to join us in 16 short weeks). I never realized how much my “fog” impaired my ability to do anything until it started to roll away.

My brain has been a lot clearer lately and hubby and I have finally begun to tackle a lot of things we’ve neglected over the past few yrs (getting caught up on our taxes, bringing the kids to the dentist, sorting & disposing of clutter, and beginning a debt repayment plan). While it feels awesome to be in control of our lives again, it’s also made it abundantly apparent to us how much more work we have to do to finish cleaning up from that foggy storm. I have many friends I need to re-connect with, I have lots more organizing and clutter to sort etc… I really hope I can get it all taken care of before more “joy” enters our lives. We’re so close, yet so far away because I’m so afraid that the fog that is PPD will roll back in.

Have you suffered from PPD from one baby, but not subsequent babies? How did you prevent it from coming back? Is it possible to set up a support system ahead of time to prevent it? I’d love your feedback and ideas because I’m bound and determined to not disappear into my fog again!

2 thoughts on “So Close Yet So Far Away – How do I Prevent PPD?

  1. I suffered from really bad PPD with my boy. One of the things that scares me is whether or not it will happen with subsequent children. Support is such an important thing as is finding ways of coping when you feel that fog moving in. I suspect that I will experience it again in some way or another but I think that if you plan ahead and have those supports in place, it will help you in those early times when the fog is thick. Arrange to have some meals brought over by friends and family or else make as many ahead of time as you can. See if your husband can arrange his work schedule to make sure he’s not traveling too much during the first few months. See if there is a PPD support group in your area that you can get in touch with. Heck, you can keep in touch with me! I’m too far away to come over or bring a meal but I know exactly what you’re feeling so you can sound off, cry, whatever and know you won’t be judged for it :)

    You have the advantage that you know that it could happen, don’t fear it, but rather prepare for it. It’s all you can do. I hope you can get through it and enjoy the “joy” that will be a part of your life in the very near future :)

  2. OMG, I just figured that one out. You’re pregnant again?!?! I didn’t realize that you were mormon. I’m just joking, I shouldn’t say that – maybe the mormons would be offended that I’m joking.

    How many kids are you planning on having? I can’t believe that Sierra and Brooke are already as old as they are, and now there’s going to be another one. I must have missed a lot of posts.

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