So Tired….

Can’t keep eyes o –Zzzzzzz…. Cosmo Boy is on call this week. Which normally means he has 3 evenings ruined by phone calls from his clients looking for tech support. No big deal. But last night? Our phone rang at 3:30 Am, 4:00 Am, and 4:30 Am – I finally got back to sleep from the 3:30 call at 5:00 only to have my freaking alarm clock start beeping it’s annoying beep at me an hour later. I’m a zombie today. I guess it’s good practice for what the future has in store for me :wink:.

3 thoughts on “So Tired….

  1. Aww sorry to read about your sleep disturbances. Yup enjoy as much sleep as you can now because once CosmoBaby arrives, you’ll be trying to remember what a normal night’s sleep is. 😉

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