Spa Grrls!

Yesterday, me and two of my buds showed up at Kimmie’s place to take her out for a surprise birthday lunch and spa treatment (it’s her 30th birthday on Tuesday, so go on now, go wish her a happy birthday…). Anyways, I had a blast and my pedicure treatment was just what the Doctor ordered for this stressed out Prego. Check out my pampered (runners) feet:

Pampered Feet

EDIT: Interesting enough, here’s the tip that my weekly pregnancy mailer sent to me this week:

Pregnancy can be an emotionally exciting time for women, but for some, it brings on great stress. It is OK to feel some anxiety about all the changes going on in your life, but know that very high levels of stress can contribute to pre-term birth or low birth weight in full term babies.

Thankfully I relieved my stress at the spa yesterday 😉

4 thoughts on “Spa Grrls!

  1. Hurray for spa treatments when pregnant … when I had my oldest son, I think I went every 2 weeks for some pampering-type notion. Good on you … enjoy!

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