Speaking of Hockey…

Did you hear that the ever bright Governor General of ours, Adrienne Clarkson, has suggested that we have women’s hockey teams play against each other for the Stanley Cup? Brilliant – simply brilliant. Like hello – doesn’t the Stanley Cup belong to the NHL? Wouldn’t that be like having a women’s flag football team play for the Super Bowl? Arrgh – it makes me ashamed to be a Canadian!

BTW – what the hell does the Governor General do anyways?

9 thoughts on “Speaking of Hockey…

  1. 😆 personaly i would like to see it, perhaps it doesn’t have to be the stanly cup but the c cup or something.
    😯 Just kidding don’t shot! LOL


  2. THANK-YOU for saying this! I screamed at the TV when I heard about this. Very brilliant idea, Adrienne. Apparently the job of the governor general is to problem-solve when no one else possibly can … yikes.

  3. I have yet to figure out the GG’s job other than to pose for pics and make idiotic comments.

    I guess she doesn’t have people writing up her comments like other government officials or she wouldn’t sound like such an anal orifice.

  4. At least she didn’t spend a million dollars doing it. I guess. Unlike her nordic tour earlier this year. :roll:

    I have a feeling that the Cup is NHL property now, which is too bad. I’d love to see some amateur teams fight it out for it. I don’t think Lord Stanley would be too impressed with NOBODY winning it this year.

  5. Quick grade 10 history lesson here – the GG is the Queen’s representative here in Canada. When Lizzie is unavailable to lend her ceremonial hand-waving gestures for events (which is most of the time since she doesn’t live here), Adrienne does it. That is of course when she’s not too busy kicking innocent grade school kids out of her home when they simply want to know if, “she’s the woman who spends money on the queen when she comes?” 😀

  6. Lord Stanley, at the time he created the cup, had the same job Adrienne Clarkson now has – Governor-General. The cup was originally a challenge cup for amateur hockey teams; its purpose mutated over time and eventually it became the NHL’s trophy.

    I don’t know how it came to be the NHL’s property. I don’t really know how one would go about legitimately changing the purpose of a trophy which was donated decades earlier by someone who’s now dead, which is what happened when the NHL assumed ownership of the cup.

    If there’s any way it could be done, I would love to see it awarded to the winner of the women’s pro hockey league. Better than not having it awarded at all, and it would be a nice slap in the face to the NHL, which so desperately needs a good slap to the face.

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