Staying Hydrated with the HydraCoach (Product Review)

Water… Water… It’s everywhere right? Then why aren’t you drinking enough?!

Apparently only 34% of Americans drink the recommended 64oz of water our bodies need each day (Eight 8oz servings). Although not enough water is being consumed, most Americans do consume six 8oz servings of caffeinated beverages instead (ie: soda, coffee, tea…). Surprising?

Not really – although I’m not American, I’m just as guilty, so when I was asked by the great folks at Sportline to review their HydraCoach water bottle I eagerly agreed.

So what is this fabulous HydraCoach I write of?
The HydraCoach is the first intelligent water bottle that will track your fluid consumption. About 75% of Americans are dehydrated and need to drink more water. If you’re one of them, then the HydraCoach is the product that can help you stay on track throughout the day because of its advanced technology that keeps track of the ounces you’ve drank and lets you know how many more you need to drink by the end of the day.

Here’s what it does:

  • Calculates your personal hydration needs
  • Tracks your fluid consumption through the day
  • Paces and motivates you to ensure hydration goals are met

Pretty cool right?

It’s even cooler when you factor in that it fits into the side pocket of my diaper bag perfectly!

Fits in my diaper bag!

As a breast feeding mom, water and hydration is every important to me. I’ve read that how much water I drink won’t affect my milk output that much, but it will impact my energy levels and my own personal hydration. So I need to drink my water, as we all know a new mom certainly needs to keep up her energy in order to meet the demands of her family. Besides, water also makes up more than 70% of the body’s tissues and plays a role in nearly every body function!

I’ve been using my HydraCoach for 3 days now and I have to admit that it certainly has helped me keep up my water intake. Wednesday I drank 72oz thanks to it’s coaching, and yesterday I drank 80oz. You know what? I feel better than I have in days!

Thanks SportLine for giving me the opportunity to review & test this product – it’s fantastic and I highly recommend it!

Disclaimer: I did not pay for this product. It was sent to me and in exchange, I’ve posted an honest review of it. I was not compensated nor was I encouraged by the manufacturer to post a positive review. This review is based solely on my experience with this product.

2 thoughts on “Staying Hydrated with the HydraCoach (Product Review)

  1. This is a cool idea.

    I have tried various tricks to make sure I am drinking enough. I tried to wrap rubber bands on a water bottle and taking one off each time I refill it. It doesn’t last long.

    Maybe I’ll try this.

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