Still Pregnant!

Yep – Baby’s still hanging in there. I’m now 37 weeks and 2 days. Sierra was born at 36 weeks 0 days. I was totaly convinced that this one was going to be early too – so much so that I trained the gal covering my mat leave at work a week ago. But alas – this baby is content to hang around in mommy’s nice safe and warm uterus – smart kid. That said, it’s probably boy, ’cause you know what they say about boys:

They never want to come out and once they’re out they spend the rest of their lives trying to get back in.

I’m generally still comfortable – bending over to pick up toys etc around the house has gotten to be a bit of a task, getting out of bed isn’t fun, and neither is pealin’ my arse off of he couch. My pelvis bone aches for the first hour after getting up in the morning. Oh yeah – and I have a cold in my node and it’s making it hard to breed (good thing we id our breeding last October). At my U/S on Monday we learned that baby is no longer in a breach position. My next mid-wife appt. is on Wednesday – that’s when she’ll do a cervical check to see if things are beginning to get prepared “down there”. I hope baby doesn’t come the weekend of July 6-8, my parents and bro are off to a wedding in Canton, Ohio and it would royally suck if they missed the birth and had to wait until the following weekend to meet the new baby Smith. Though, because I said that, that’s exactly when he/she will make their grand appearance.

I guess you could say I’m anxious to meet this little one – but not so anxious that I’d try the: japanese clitoris stimulation technique . Kidding – I have no idea what it is – I noticed that there was a comment containing this phrase in Sierra’s “Birth Story” post. I wonder if people have success with it? LOL. In the mean time, Molly Dawg is getting a nice good walk every night – I hope that’ll help to gt things going. Sometime in the next 3 weeks I’m going to find myself on that wonderful roller coaster ride caled child birth – the strange thing is, I can’t wait!

One thought on “Still Pregnant!

  1. I’ll make sure that you have a phone number where we can be reached. We will be coming home on Sunday afternoon probably around 4ish. And we drive right past the hospital and can always drop in to see you. I might even stop in that city and call the hospital to see if you’re there. I still think HE will arrive this coming Friday the 29th! If not then, he’ll be like your brother and arrive late.

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