Stylesheet Help!

OK – I’m not going to pretend to be the bestest web designer in the world. In fact, I need ALL the help I can get – most of my skins are modified versions of someone else’s style sheet. Does that make me a bad person? No – just creatively challenged. And for other creatively challenged people, I bring you this – the most amazing thing EVER!

The Bloggia Theme Generator allows you to create a custom template for your weblog. After choosing your preferred layout, you just choose colors and fonts to create your own design.

It pretty much allows you to customize everything – however I noticed a few things that you couldn’t customize:

  1. Calendar colours.
  2. “Credits” divider colour.
  3. Fonts – the choices were only SERIF and SAN-SERIF.
  4. Header image – it doesn’t allow you to specify a web url to an image that you may want to use as the header in place of plain text.

Other than those few drawbacks I found it to be really simple and easy to use. After making a few modifications, I was able to create a new skin for Cosmo Grrl in about 45 minutes – which is a far cry from the 3+ hours it was taking me before!