Summer Is Near

You know how I know? I know ‘cause my softball starts tonight! Yep! It’s that time again – oh how I miss the smell of my glove and hearing the whoosh – snap! sound of a batter missing a ball and me catching it instead (I’m a catcher). I wonder how I’ll do this season without the extra 20 lbs of baby weight on me? My hitting was AMAZING last year, which made up for my slow running (also due to the extra baby weight). To celebrate my return to softball I treated myself to a new pair of cleats that I get to try out tonight. I can’t wait – hopefully Sierra beara will co-operate with me and go to bed with no complaining. Her bedtime is 8/8:30 and my game starts at 9… Woo hoo! I can’t wait! I’ll tell ya all about it tomorrow, ok?

8 thoughts on “Summer Is Near

  1. I haven’t played softball since Junior High! That’s so cool you like to play…the only sport for me right now is collasping on the bed! :)

  2. Hey, I was the catcher on my team too. But I stopped last year cuz I couldn’t justify being unemployed and coughing up $25 for baseball. I don’t think I’ll bother this year since the games are all at these god-forsaken parks out in who-knows-where.

  3. totally!! summer’s jsut hitting us here in the UK and it’s LOVELY!!! doing rounds today, leaving commetns, nice to catch up!!!

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