Super Mom!

!@(skin.JPG popimg: “Supermom Skin”)Yep! That’s me – I’m going to be a SUPER MOM! And to celebrate this, Mark, aka The Running Blog Father made me a new skin! (Steve will be happy to see that it’s not pink :wink:) Thank you soooooo much Mark!

Edit: To set it as your default select “Supermom” from the list of skin choices over there on your right

14 thoughts on “Super Mom!

  1. hmmm…something weird going on. Your right side-bar menu is on the bottom left. Wasn’t like that yesterday here at work or at home?

    I’m currently at work using I.E. on a PC.

  2. I LOVE the banner at the top! Well done! I’m having the same problem Mark is with your right column going below the posts:roll:
    Also on I.E. on a PC. I really like the bunny baby-day counter too.

  3. Yes, the fact that it’s less pink is a good thing ๐Ÿ˜›

    The comic book drawing at the top is very amusing! But shouldn’t she have a nice pregnant tummy?

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