Survivor Pool…

I tried this for Amazing Race – only all you people were party poopers 😥 So I’m going to try again…

As you may (or may not) know, Survivor Palau starts on Thursday night. So that gives you two days to get your picks (3) in for who you think will win. I’ve even made it easy for you – in the extended entry I’ve shared with you pics of all the contestants along with a few details about them. You don’t even have to watch the show to participate! Humour me, afterall I went to all this trouble to display all the “Survivors”…

So here’s how this will work – pick your 3 “Survivors” and give me their name through your comment. The last 10 Survivors voted off of Palau will receive points. For example if your survivor is the show winner, you will recieve 10 points, if your survivor is 2nd place, you will receive 9 points:

Place Points
1 – 10
2 – 9
3 – 8
4 – 7
5 – 6
6 – 5
7 – 4
8 – 3
9 – 2
10 – 1

And the winner? They’ll get a really cool Cosmo Prize…

I’ll go first – my picks are (drumroll please)…..

Kim – ’cause that’s my best friend’s name
Tom – ’cause he’s a runner
Janu – ’cause she’s a Cancer survivor

!@(survivor/angie.jpg popimg: “”) !@(survivor/ashlee.jpg:R popimg: “”) ANGIE – Born and raised in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Angie Jakusz attended Mukwonago High School. She then spent time in San Francisco and New York before moving permanently to New Orleans.

ASHLEE – Born in Rigby, Idaho, Ashlee Ashby was raised in Easley, South Carolina. She then moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University in Provo, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication.

!@(survivor/bobbyjon.jpg popimg: “”) !@(survivor/caryn.jpg:R popimg: “”) BOBBY JON – Born and raised in Troy, Alabama, Bobby Jon Drinkard graduated from Charles Henderson High School, where he lettered in football.

CARYN – Born and raised in New York, Caryn Groedel attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science.

!@(survivor/coby.jpg popimg: “”) !@(survivor/gregg.jpg:R popimg: “”) COBY – Born in Abilene, Texas, Coby Archa has also lived in Durham, North Carolina, New York City and Lansing, Michigan. Archa admits to some misguided teenage years, in which he got in trouble with the law and ended up quitting high school.

GREGG – Gregg Carey was born and raised in Ashland, Massachusetts, where he graduated from Ashland High School in 1995. While in school, Carey was active in student government and a member of the National Honor Society.

!@(survivor/ian.jpg popimg: “”) !@(survivor/ibreheim.jpg:R popimg: “”) IAN – Born and raised on a horse farm in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, Ian Rosenberger attended Quigley Catholic High School in Baden. While there, he lettered in soccer and spent his summers as a camp counselor.

IBREHEIM – Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Ibrehem Rahman attended Tuskegee University, where he pursued a degree in mechanical engineering.

!@(survivor/james.jpg popimg: “”)!@(survivor/janu.jpg:R popimg: “”) JAMES – Born and raised in Hohenwald, Tennessee, James Miller moved to Northlake, Illinois when he was 13 years old. In 1990, he graduated from West Leyden High School.

JANU – As a child, Janu Tornell never aspired to be a showgirl. Tornell’s Cuban-born mother, Maria, was a famous showgirl in Havana, but Tornell did not find her calling until many life experiences later and considers her mother one of her greatest inspirations for overcoming the hardships of life, including a successful battle with cancer.

!@(survivor/jeff.jpg popimg: “”)!@(survivor/jennifer.jpg:R popimg: “”) JEFF – Born in Santa Barbara, California, Jeff Wilson moved to Ventura when he was three years old and then later to Santa Maria, California.

JENNIFER – Born in Nevada, Jennifer Lyon grew up in Washington and Oregon. She spent one year in Spain as a foreign exchange student and two years in London working as a nanny.

!@(survivor/jonathan.jpg popimg: “”)!@(survivor/katie.jpg:R popimg: “”) JONATHAN – Jonathan Libby was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, having attended Lake Highlands High School.

KATIE – Born and raised in Merced, California, Katie Gallagher traveled to Long Branch, New Jersey to attend Monmouth University.

!@(survivor/kim.jpg popimg: “”)!@(survivor/stephenie.jpg:R popimg: “”) KIM – Born in California, Kimberly Mullen was raised in Huber Heights, Ohio.

STEPHENIE – One of five siblings born to Stephen and Marguerite, Stephenie LaGrossa is the youngest and only girl of the family to grow up in Briarcliff, Glenolden, a suburb of Philadelphia.

!@(survivor/tom.jpg popimg: “”)!@(survivor/wanda.jpg:R popimg: “”) TOM – Born in Queens, New York, Tom Westman attended Archbishop Molloy High School, where he was a peer group counselor and member of the track team.

WANDA – Born in Belleville, Pennsylvania, Wanda Shirk grew up in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Ephrata High School in 1967.

!@(survivor/willard.jpg popimg: “”)!@(survivor/jolanda.jpg:R popimg: “”) WILLARD – Born and raised in Connecticut, Willard Smith spent his early childhood in and out of hospitals.

JOLANDA – Jolanda “Jo” Jones attended Alief Elsik High School in Houston, Texas, where she graduated magna cum laude and was an All-American in both track and field and basketball.

For the full bios of ALL the “Survivors” go HERE.

11 thoughts on “Survivor Pool…

  1. I’m in. I love Survivor and I didn’t know that it was to start on Thursday. Thanks for letting us know.

    I post my picks tomorrow.

  2. GRR I lost my comment because I didn’t know email was required. I have a habit of not leaving it. That’s the thing that annoys me about WordPress, if there’s an error with your comment then you lose it. But of course, the good outweighs the bad and I still use it. 😀

    Anyway, I was saying that I hope you get lotsa participants for your contest, I would but I honestly don’t watch the show. 😳

    And I said YAY your are halfway there! Nesting yet?
    And I said (lol) that your Gravatar has to be the cutest one I’ve seen yet. 😀

  3. My Survivor picks will be Jennifer, Ian and Stephenie. Blind picks of course, but we’ll see how I do after the first episode. …. already set to save to my PVR!!

  4. ahhh, I wanna play, but I have a hard time choosing before seeing the first episode…I like to see what the personalities are, but for you girl I’ll go blind.
    3.Bobby Jon

  5. As anyone who watches this show religiously, which ever sex lost last season will win this season. (At least that has been the way for all the past seasons. I would like to see this broken, only because it is getting predictable.) Also Therefore, my pics for the winner are Ashlee, Jennifer, and Janu.

    I must say though, that there are a lot of handsome men on here, and I hope they stay around for as long as possible. 😳

  6. OK, I’ve been keeping quiet because of my NINdifference awaiting a new post for the past few days… but you caught me in the right frame of mind.

    Honestly Survivor & shows of the like belonging to the “Reality TV” craze not only condone; but promote coercion, NINtimidation, manipulation, derision, lies, and on and on…

    In all honesty, I would vote the the person who has had enuf of this behaviour and beats the living hell out of all those who tread upon afore the mentioned paths.

    Yes, a characteristic of the show to an extent; but well deserved nevertheless.

    2wo cents Marie, not 2B taken personally.

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