!@(dilbert22441260050307.gif popimg: “Dilbert”)Over a month ago I asked for help ’cause I was absolutely swamped at work. Since then I’ve managed to put in close to 45 hours of extra time (unfortunately my company has a policy of not paying over-time, so I’m accruing these hours as “lieu time”). Not good. Not good for a prego at all. Anyways – the comic strip above clearly demonstrates what happened after I asked my boss to make a co-worker help me out. I could’ve saved myself an hour by not bothering to ask for help 😡 Oh well only 97 days until I begin my maternity leave….

9 thoughts on “Swamped!

  1. I’ve inadvertantly done the same thing the past two months – I’ve accumulated so much comp time! But you? Should take it easy…you’re pregnant!!

  2. You are supposed to be tired all the time right now. I can’t believe that you have the energy to take on overtime too. Put your feet up… you’re pregnant. You can always help someone out in the future when they need it. Right now, think about you and the little munchkin.

  3. LMAO that strip is hilarious! I encountered a similar situation here yesterday during a meeting. Have I told you I so want to retire already??? As for the maternity leave, do you have the big day scheduled in Outlook and have the reminder scheduled to go off? :)

  4. we were just commenting on the lack of ‘office’ comedies or spoofs on television. i’d much rather watch a real life dilbert than reality programming.

    and is the ‘supermom’ skin new, or was i just blind? really, really dig it!

  5. I like what Jon said. Hang in there Marie, you’ll be leaving soon enough. Just think about your pregnancy. That is much more important than a job.

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