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Motivation Monday: August 2, 2010

This is my Mamavation post for Monday, August 2, 2010.

Hey everyone!

How was your week? Are you still drinking your H2O, eating your fruits and veggies and being active every day?

This week was much better for me – I kicked my lingering cold to the curb, ate a ton of fruits and veggies (thanks to the pre-cut platters available at the grocery store), and followed my workout plan almost to a T! My runs were getting super duper hard which I totally was blaming on my pregnancy, but later in the week the temperatures cooled down (a bit) and I found it was easier to run. I have switched from doing a straight run to doing a 4 min run, 1 min walk interval. The 1 minute walks really make it more bearable. In summary, here’s what I did:

Monday: Kick boxing work out with my awesome trainer at lunch
Tuesday: 3K walk with hand weights around the park on my lunch
Wednesday: Boot Camp work out with my awesome trainer at lunch
Thursday: 5K walk/run around the park on my lunch (3 min run/2 min walk)
Friday: 5K walk/run around the park on my lunch (4min run/1 min walk)
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Rest day

I looked up my annual and monthly mileage totals on Dailymile.com and found that so far this pregnancy I’ve run 393 km – just 107 km to go to make it to 500 km!! To put that in perspective, in 2009 my annual total was only 280 km. No wonder I feel stronger, fitter and happier than I did last year!! I have 3 months of this pregnancy to go, so I’m setting a goal of making it to 500km: 45km in August, 40 km in September, and 25 km in October! (Instead of a baby pool based on birth date, sex etc… I should start a pool based on how many km I can complete before baby arrives ;) ).

Here’s my workout plans for the week (which will put me at 20 km for August – a great start towards my goal):

Monday: It’s a holiday weekend here, so I’m going to walk/run 5k around my neighbourhood.
Tuesday: 5K walk/run around the park on my lunch
Wednesday: Work out with my awesome trainer at lunch
Thursday: 5K walk/run around the park on my lunch
Friday: 5K walk/run around the park on my lunch
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Kick the family out of the house so I can spend 2-3 hours cleaning…

This week my mantra will be: “Just keep running, just keep running” (Shamelessly adapted from Dori of Finding Nemo).

Congrats to Rachel S (aka @rachelsteffen) on being Mamavation Sista of the Week!!

banner Motivation Monday: August 2, 2010

Erica's Wish 5K

PS – I’m considering doing a 5 km “race” on August 15th called “Erica’s Wish” – do you think I should walk/run it? Hubby is a little concerned by my optimism…

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Fitness Tip of The Day: Replace your running shoes at least every 400-500 miles.

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This morning got off to a scary start. I woke up in my daughter’s bed still in my work clothes from yesterday at 6:20 am. She and I looked out the window at the beautiful, fresh fallen snow, and my hubby’s car tracks in the driveway. He had already left for his business trip to LA. Sierra went downstairs to watch TV while I stayed behind to check in on Brooke. I looked first in her crib – no Brooke. I looked in her “big bed” – no Brooke. I looked in the master bedroom – no Brooke. I called down to Sierra – no Brooke there either! My heart began racing and I frantically began searching the house. I looked all over the main floor, then down in the basement – no Brooke. I ran back upstairs to Brooke’s new “big bedroom” and kicked our Rottweiler off of Brooke’s “big bed” fearing that Molly was laying down on top of her and suffocating her. Thankfully, Brooke wasn’t there. Where could she be? Fearing the worst I began screaming her name; “Brooke, Brooke”! Then out of the play tent in her new “big bedroom” I heard a tiny, sleepy, voice cry out “Mommy?” I swear, that will forever be the sweetest voice I have ever heard in my life, and I pray this morning will be the scariest morning of my life.

What’s the scariest thing your kids have ever done to you?

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