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This morning got off to a scary start. I woke up in my daughter’s bed still in my work clothes from yesterday at 6:20 am. She and I looked out the window at the beautiful, fresh fallen snow, and my hubby’s car tracks in the driveway. He had already left for his business trip to LA. Sierra went downstairs to watch TV while I stayed behind to check in on Brooke. I looked first in her crib – no Brooke. I looked in her “big bed” – no Brooke. I looked in the master bedroom – no Brooke. I called down to Sierra – no Brooke there either! My heart began racing and I frantically began searching the house. I looked all over the main floor, then down in the basement – no Brooke. I ran back upstairs to Brooke’s new “big bedroom” and kicked our Rottweiler off of Brooke’s “big bed” fearing that Molly was laying down on top of her and suffocating her. Thankfully, Brooke wasn’t there. Where could she be? Fearing the worst I began screaming her name; “Brooke, Brooke”! Then out of the play tent in her new “big bedroom” I heard a tiny, sleepy, voice cry out “Mommy?” I swear, that will forever be the sweetest voice I have ever heard in my life, and I pray this morning will be the scariest morning of my life.

What’s the scariest thing your kids have ever done to you?

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