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Take Me Away!

It effing snowed AGAIN today!  10 cm or so.  We’ve had so much snow here this winter that today I could barely get the front door open.  Fortunately I did and as I type this Sierra is at "school" (oh man I love school – love.love.love).  As I watch the pretty wretched snow fall and cover the world in a sea of white, I wonder: Would booking a family trip on credit card to somewhere tropical without first discussing it with your hubby be grounds for divorce?  Yanno, hypothetically speaking.  ‘Cause you know what?  I need a break from this horrible cruel no good effing winter.  And you know what else?  Hubby has next week off of work and it would be fantastic to get away even if the preschooler has no summer clothes that fit her anymore.  She wouldn’t need any right?  Just a swim suit?  Oh wait…. swimming… bathing suits… post-partum body…. nevermind – that’s exactly why I haven’t booked us a vacation.  Crap-diddly-ap!  I forgot about the cellulite!  Humpf!  Maybe next winter?

Enough With The Snow Already

I definitely know I’m not the only one who feels this way… But come on!  I’ve had enough!  That’s supposed to be my bench under there:

And we’re supposed to get more!  3 cm tonight, 3 cm on Tuesday, 1 cm on Wednesday, 10 cm on Thursday and 3 cm on Friday!  I feel like a prisoner in my own living room ’cause Sierra never wants to go outside and play in it.  Heh…  At least in jail I wouldn’t have to cook ALL of my own meals and wipe other people’s butts.  Its so hard to believe that softball season starts in 8 short weeks!

PS – Jump up and down today while taking a shot, because its Leap Day!

16 Minutes

That’s all it would have taken to help out a sick mommy.  I’ve had a fever, chills, sweats, body aches the whole nine yards for the past two days.  ‘Cause I’ve been far too sick to clean, this is what my kitchen looked like:

This is what it looked like 16 minutes later (after I cleaned it up):

Seriously – I do EVERYTHING around here (well, except the night time parenting of the toddler that HATES sleep).