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Martha Stewart Has Nothing On Me

I’m not going to lie, money is tight. Two kids in daycare full time pretty much eats up my full salary.  I’d stay home, but I’m lucky – I’m contributing to a pension through my job (not to mention vacation time, compressed days, benefits etc..).  So when it comes to Christmas gifts I have to get creative.  We have no money.   Between my 2 daughters there are six caregivers for us to give Christmas gifts to.  I also have 3 co-workers in my department.  That makes for 9 people to give gifts to.  A $20 gift for each of them translates to $180!  YIKES!  I still have 13 family members to buy for…. 

So this year I decided to make gifts for my co-workers and the care givers at the daycare centre.  I racked my brain out for weeks trying to figure out what to make them.  Then I spotted this book on my friend’s coffee table while visiting:


Aha!  That’s it!  Sherlock, I think she’s got it!  We’ll make everyone gift jars!  Chocolate chip cookies for everyone! 

So I set out to find Mason jars – did you know these are hard to find?  And if you do find them they’re like $4/jar?  So I bought 9 jars, a box of candy canes and a roll of curling ribbon at the Dollar Store ($12.43).  Unfortunately they didn’t say how big the jars are, so I filled a measuring cup with water and poured one cup at a time into the jars to figure out their capacity: 3 cups.  My next step was to find a chocolate chip cookie recipe that would fit in a jar with a 3 cup capacity.  Let me just say that I absolutely love google ’cause I found exactly what I was looking for without having to buy a book or drive to my friend’s place to borrow hers.  (Thank you About.com).  Yesterday I went to Bulk Barn and bought all of the ingredients ($18.41), then went to Fabricland and bought a square of Christmas fabric ($5.62).  Last night Sierra and I washed out the jars, cut squares of fabric, measured out the ingredients, tied the fabric squares on top with the ribbon and voila!  For $36.46 we have 9 awesome gifts:


I still have to print out the directions for baking the cookies and paste it onto some green Christmas scrapbooking paper that I have, but other than that we’re finished!  Oy!  I’m even better than Martha Stewart!

PS – now I even feel like I’ve earned the award my mom bestowed up on me: