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Wii Please Make My Pants Fit

muffin-top My pants are too tight.  In fact, as I type this the top button on my pants is threatening to pop off.  I over ate this fall and holiday season.  Plain and simple.  I ate too much and exercised too little.  That’s how weight gain happens.  Unfortunately Oprah sugar-coated it yesterday on her first episode of the year, the first of her "Best Life" series of episodes.  (Did you watch it?).  She insinuated that her own weight gain was due to thyroid problems and possibly due to depression.  Oprah may be making excuses for herself but I’m not.  I’ll say it again – I ate too much and excerised too little. 

But that’s all changing….

Over the past week I’ve ran a total of 5 times, logging in 19.35 km and burning appx. 1179 calories.  I’ve also used my Wii Fit twice.  Our scale says that over the past week I’ve gained 6lbs, so imagine my surprise today when the results of the Wii Fit body test indicated that I’ve LOST 2lbs.  Yay!  Anyone want my scale?  It seems to be broken.

I’ve also begun to use the Wii Fit more.  OY!  Boy do I ever hurt afterwards!  I needed to take a day off running once this week just because it hurt too much to even breathe.  I soooooo hope this new routine of using my Wi Fit and running on my lunches will help me to lose weight and be more healthy.

Wii… make my pants Fit again – PLEASE!

ORN: No run today – just a good 20 min workout on my Wii Fit