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Tell Me I’m Not the Only One Who Wimps Out

I just categorized this as “Running Inspiration” but that’s cause I don’t have a category called “Excuses”…

I totally wimped out today. I was supposed to get up and run 19k before hubby left me to solo parent while he went out for a great “Guys Weekend” (road hockey, poker, video games, beer and lots of chicken wings). But when I woke up I was greeted by this very beautiful sight:



But not fun to run in. The thermometer is hovering near 0C which means that snow is heavy and wet – the kind that turns to slush under your feet and very quickly. Ya know, the kind that quickly leads to these babies:


Blisters – my nemesis.

The Chilly half is two weeks away – not quite enough time for one of those to fully heal. So I wimped out and went to a nice warm and dry BodyPump class instead. I’m glad it’s a long holiday weekend here (Family Day) ’cause this gives me another opportunity to get this LAST long training run in on Monday.

Tell me, am I the only one who wimps out?