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There’s Not Much To Complain About When You’re Happy

This blog has typically been my place to vent, to whine and complain about life.  I come and go based on how happy I am in my life, which is why I haven’t written much here lately.  These days I’ve been a happy, happy girl!
I wish I could say I was happy because I won the lottery, quit my job and now live in a mansion with my own housekeepers, cook and personal trainer, but sadly that hasn’t happened.  Quite the opposite actually.  I’m happy because I’ve decided to take control of my life – training for a half marathon and learning how to cook.
The half-marathon training has been going incredibly well.  I’m getting faster and my long runs are getting easier.  I’ve also lost 3lbs (maybe more because I haven’t weighed myself in a week).  I’m only 3 weeks into my 19 week training plan, but so far it’s been ging well.  I’ve even found a group of runners at work to run with on my lunch hour.  I love the new companionship and I’m looking forward to having that support when ever hubby travels (ie: next week when he’s in Ireland).
This year I’m also learning how to cook (by trial and error).  I don’t really have a lot of time to cook, so my “cooking” really means cutting stuff up, and throwing it in a slow cooker with some spices and water to create an amazingly tastey meal that’s also nutritious.  NUTRITIOUS!  I’m trying to eat less processed foods this year.  The amount of sh*t in processed food stuff is disgusting!  And the things they do to the animals we eat is atrocious!  It’s nasty to think we’re eating all of those hormones and antibiotics – yuck!  I’m reading Skinny Bitch and it’s scared me off of coffee, junk food, and soda.  It’s also doing a good job of making me consider becoming vegan – my pal Cheaty is happy about that.  Truthfully the book should be renamed Healthy Bitch because I feel you should be eating well to be healthy not skinny.  Healthy Bitch propably wouldn’t sell as many copies as a book titled Skinny Bitch.
Now because I’m happy, running, and eating healthy doesn’t mean I haven’t been blogging – quite the opposite actually.  I’ve been writing a TON… just not here.  I’ve been fitness blogging over at The Fitness Cheerleader (I renamed Lazy Mama Fitness because the site name really sucked a$$).  I’m having a blast writing about something I’m passionate about – health and fitness.  It’s amazing how naturally that comes to me and how quickly I can whip up a post compared to here where I struggle to put my thoughts into typed written words.  I’ve written over there almost every day and if you’re interested in checking out the recipes I’ve tried I urge you to come by and visit, yanno say “Hi”.
I’ve rather missed y’all and I really should stop by and comment on your blogs, though I want to tell you that I have been reading all of your posts in an email that I get from FeedBlitz that combines all of your RSS feeds into a daily newsletter of posts, I just haven’t stopped by and left comments.
Have a great day guys!

All the best,

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Daddy’s Stuck in The Computer

On Saturday, before hubby left for his week long trip to Ireland, he presented me with a gift – a webcam. 

I HATE webcams. 

I always thought there was absolutely no need for them, unless you were having erotic conversations with people over the ‘net.  Yanno, you show me yours and I’ll show you mine. (No, I won’t show you mine, but thanks for asking).

Then he told me that instead of just phoning each other with Skype (as that’s how we stay in touch), we can now video call with our new webcams. 

Video call?  How expensive is that? 

It’s FREE! 

(Now you’re talking my language!)

In preparation for our Sunday afternoon Daddy call, the girls and I tested out Skype video calling with Oma:


(Sierra made that mug for her)

Normally the girls want to talk on the phone, but once you get them on the phone they just listen and breathe heavily into the caller’s ear. Then they start pressing buttons and eventually hang up on the caller.  I’m sure you’ve all had a conversation with a toddler or preschooler like that.

I wasn’t expecting much from the girls, but they surprised me.

They spent 30 minutes on Skype with Oma and they actually talked! 

Sierra told Oma all about how she slept, that she stayed in her own bed the whole night etc. They ran and got random toys to tell Oma and Opa about etc…

Kids LOVE video calling!

What’s better than getting to see yourself on TV or Mommy’s laptop?

Seeing Daddy on Mommy’s laptop – that’s what. 

Unless you’re Brookie-Boo.

She was devastated.  Absolutely devastated that daddy was stuck in the computer.


and as hard as she poked the screen, she couldn’t get daddy out and this made daddy cry ’cause he couldn’t console her, hug her and make it all better.

Working thousands of miles away from home sucks.




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