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I Set a New 5k Personal Best!

A few weeks ago my dad gave a 5k race flyer to me and asked me to register – the race, called the Toronto Challenge, was raising money for non-profit organizations that improve the quality of life for seniors in our community.  My dad is very passionate about this as he’s involved in a program that provides seniors with door-to-door rides to medical, therapy and social appointments with an organization called Mid-Toronto Community Services.  It was an honour to help my dad, so I registered for the race.

Today was the race – with everything going on at home lately (NKOTB concert, solo parenting, Sierra’s birthday and Hubby coming home from LA), I almost forgot about the race, but remembered last night – ooops!  Sierra had gymnastics class, so hubby took her there, while I brought Amber and Brooke to the race.

We arrived there with only a few minutes to spare… Basically long enough for my dad to introduce me to a few people he knew, and to snap this pic:

Amber, Dad, Myself and Brooke

Then it was time to find the start line… It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done a fun run – my bib had a timing chip on it, but I couldn’t find any start mats – that’s because it was DRAWN on the ground with CHALK!  The gun went off just as I reached the start.

Away I went!  My Nike+ was telling me I was running a 4:30/km pace, but I refused to believe it after it lied to me two weeks ago about my pace.  It was cloudy so I thought that was interfering with the GPS. I ran hard, could feel my heart POUNDING and my hammy’s screaming at me, but I kept on pushing.  I finally found a distance marker that said 3k – my GPS said I was at the 3.5k and running 4:45/km – a pace I’ve NEVER ran before so I continued to push on – at this point I realised I could set a new 5k PR, so  I ran and ran – lungs hanging out feeling like I was gonna die. I wanted to do my dad proud and run as hard as I could.

I then saw the finish line, my mom and dad with Brooke and Amber waving to me.  At this point I had a hard time pushing as hard as I had been, but saw the official race clock 24:57… If I kept pushing all the way I really could set a new PR! So that’s what I did – I pushed and crossed the finish line in….

25:12.. A new PR!!

After the race I hung out with my family to find out the official race results.  I knew that I could be close to finishing in the top 10, and in some races a 25 min 5k is good enough for a top 3 finish (I left a race early once only to find out a year later that I had left before gathering my prize).  I stretched and my mom captured this pic:

I LOVE this pic!

I learned something today… I learned that the BodyPump classes I’m taking are really helping me to develop the STRENGTH I need to be a FAST runner – something I’ve never really considered myself to be. I’m curious now to find out how fast I can run if I trained instead of just running – I’m seriously considering putting some more effort into my training for the ScotiaBank 1/2 marathon I’ve registered for that’s in October.

Have you ever accomplished something that you never thought was possible that completely surprised you?  What was it?