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Has It Been Two Years Already?!

Dear “Baby” Amber,

Happy Birthday! You’re two years old today!

The time sure has flown by – though I think I say that in every single letter that I’ve ever written to you or your sisters. (Which reminds me – perhaps I’ll do a monthly letter addressed to all three of you from now on instead of three individual ones).

Two years ago I was waddling to and from Sierra’s school 5cm dilated and scared to death that my water would break at any moment. Thankfully our Midwives came over to check on us that night because while they were over my water did break and the contractions started almost immediately. 67 min after those contractions started I was holding you! You were in such a hurry to come meet your sisters!

Here we are two years later… You are one independent woman! You want to do everything yourself, and everything that your sisters are doing. And man, do you ever get mad when we try to stop you! You’re taking parent & tot swimming lessons and gymnastics classes with daddy and absolutely LOVE them! You are doing really well, and are one of the few toddlers who really TRY in your classes. You watch your teachers and try to do what they’ve taught you to do. It’s really cute watching you practise your gymnastics moves at home.

This week you went trick or treating for the first time.

Your sisters zig zagged across the street going from house to house, while you stayed pretty much on one side. The funny part was that you came home with just as many treats as them, even though you went to half the houses. You were really cute in your butterfly costume, and everyone shelling out enjoyed talking to you while you just smiled back at them. You got really mad at me when I tried to carry you from house to house, and you also insisted on doing as many houses as you could. Of course, when we got home, you wanted us to open every single candy so you could try one bite from each thing.

Potty training… You are doing awesome! You go potty at daycare twice a day and every night before bed. We tried undies on you one night recently and you stayed dry the whole evening! Soon we’ll start on a Saturday morning and try undies through the weekend, then daycare on the Monday morning. I can’t believe we’re at this stage already – but like I’ve said, you’re so independent.

Independent Woman

Soon it will be Christmas, and winter. I can’t wait to take you sledding at the hill, pull you around the block and shower you with Christmas gifts. Oh Amber, we love you so much and you are such an important part of our family. Happy Birthday girl!


Daddy’s Stuck in The Computer

On Saturday, before hubby left for his week long trip to Ireland, he presented me with a gift – a webcam. 

I HATE webcams. 

I always thought there was absolutely no need for them, unless you were having erotic conversations with people over the ‘net.  Yanno, you show me yours and I’ll show you mine. (No, I won’t show you mine, but thanks for asking).

Then he told me that instead of just phoning each other with Skype (as that’s how we stay in touch), we can now video call with our new webcams. 

Video call?  How expensive is that? 

It’s FREE! 

(Now you’re talking my language!)

In preparation for our Sunday afternoon Daddy call, the girls and I tested out Skype video calling with Oma:


(Sierra made that mug for her)

Normally the girls want to talk on the phone, but once you get them on the phone they just listen and breathe heavily into the caller’s ear. Then they start pressing buttons and eventually hang up on the caller.  I’m sure you’ve all had a conversation with a toddler or preschooler like that.

I wasn’t expecting much from the girls, but they surprised me.

They spent 30 minutes on Skype with Oma and they actually talked! 

Sierra told Oma all about how she slept, that she stayed in her own bed the whole night etc. They ran and got random toys to tell Oma and Opa about etc…

Kids LOVE video calling!

What’s better than getting to see yourself on TV or Mommy’s laptop?

Seeing Daddy on Mommy’s laptop – that’s what. 

Unless you’re Brookie-Boo.

She was devastated.  Absolutely devastated that daddy was stuck in the computer.


and as hard as she poked the screen, she couldn’t get daddy out and this made daddy cry ’cause he couldn’t console her, hug her and make it all better.

Working thousands of miles away from home sucks.




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