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Motivation Monday: July 26, 2010

This is my Mamavation post for Monday, July 26, 2010.

Hey everyone!

Sorry for being MIA last week. I spent last weekend at a cottage and with all the sun and fun I ended up catching a killer cold that knocked my already tired pregnant butt for a loop. I also was treated to dinner & a movie (Eclipse) by my best friend on Wed as a belated b-day gift, and my other best friend took me to a concert at Fallsview Casino this Saturday. I have some great friends :)

Despite feeling sick & being super busy, I did manage to workout 4 days:

Mon – Boot camp fitness class
Tues – ran 6K
Wed – ran/walk 6K (ran 3.5k then walked due to heat)
Thurs – walked 3k with hand weights
Fri – does an hour of power shopping count as exercise?

NolanBrookeJanice 300x225 Motivation Monday: July 26, 2010

A pic from the cottage: My friend

While my working out was awesome, my eating sucked. I felt so tired that I resorted to making poor food choices (including a two-hour visit to a buffet on Saturday). I bet my cold would have disappeared faster if I had eaten healthier…

This week life is back to normal – no girls nights out, no cottage visits etc, so I hope to be back on track (and back on Twitter). Hubby even stocked us up on veggies for this week :)

Here’s my workout plans for the week:

Monday: Work out with my awesome trainer at lunch
Tuesday: 5K walk/run around the park on my lunch
Wednesday: Work out with my awesome trainer at lunch
Thursday: 5K walk/run around the park on my lunch
Friday: 5K walk/run around the park on my lunch
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Kick the family out of the house so I can spend 2-3 hours cleaning…

Every week brings new obstacles – success depends on how you face those obstacles, right?

Congrats to Rita Ann (aka @lovelyritaann) on being Mamavation Sista of the Week

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Fitness Tip of The Day: When working out on cardio equipment (e.g. elliptical trainers), don’t lean heavily on the handrails. This will reduce the amount of calories you burn.

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Exercise Anywhere-2 Nothing is better in my books than getting fit without having to pay hefty gym membership fees.  With two kids in full-time daycare, I’m the queen of cheap, inexpensive alternatives and I honestly feel that with a little creativity you can get fit without having to use expensive equipment, hence the reason I run.  That’s where Exercise Anywhere Cards from Nuruplanet.com come in.  Now you don’t even need creativity to get fit – Exercise Anywhere Cards is a complete whole body exercise routine printed on a palm-sized deck of cards.  The deck has 30 double-sided cards with instructions and illustrations for 4-5 exercises for each major muscle group (ie: reverse fly to work out the shoulders).  The nice part is that all of the exercises on the cards can be done anywhere (as the name implies).  As well, the cards can be brought anywhere because the cards fit in your pocket, on your keychain or in a pocket of your gym bag!  At $8.00/deck the cards fit nicely in my budget too! 

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