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There’s Not Much To Complain About When You’re Happy

This blog has typically been my place to vent, to whine and complain about life.  I come and go based on how happy I am in my life, which is why I haven’t written much here lately.  These days I’ve been a happy, happy girl!
I wish I could say I was happy because I won the lottery, quit my job and now live in a mansion with my own housekeepers, cook and personal trainer, but sadly that hasn’t happened.  Quite the opposite actually.  I’m happy because I’ve decided to take control of my life – training for a half marathon and learning how to cook.
The half-marathon training has been going incredibly well.  I’m getting faster and my long runs are getting easier.  I’ve also lost 3lbs (maybe more because I haven’t weighed myself in a week).  I’m only 3 weeks into my 19 week training plan, but so far it’s been ging well.  I’ve even found a group of runners at work to run with on my lunch hour.  I love the new companionship and I’m looking forward to having that support when ever hubby travels (ie: next week when he’s in Ireland).
This year I’m also learning how to cook (by trial and error).  I don’t really have a lot of time to cook, so my “cooking” really means cutting stuff up, and throwing it in a slow cooker with some spices and water to create an amazingly tastey meal that’s also nutritious.  NUTRITIOUS!  I’m trying to eat less processed foods this year.  The amount of sh*t in processed food stuff is disgusting!  And the things they do to the animals we eat is atrocious!  It’s nasty to think we’re eating all of those hormones and antibiotics – yuck!  I’m reading Skinny Bitch and it’s scared me off of coffee, junk food, and soda.  It’s also doing a good job of making me consider becoming vegan – my pal Cheaty is happy about that.  Truthfully the book should be renamed Healthy Bitch because I feel you should be eating well to be healthy not skinny.  Healthy Bitch propably wouldn’t sell as many copies as a book titled Skinny Bitch.
Now because I’m happy, running, and eating healthy doesn’t mean I haven’t been blogging – quite the opposite actually.  I’ve been writing a TON… just not here.  I’ve been fitness blogging over at The Fitness Cheerleader (I renamed Lazy Mama Fitness because the site name really sucked a$$).  I’m having a blast writing about something I’m passionate about – health and fitness.  It’s amazing how naturally that comes to me and how quickly I can whip up a post compared to here where I struggle to put my thoughts into typed written words.  I’ve written over there almost every day and if you’re interested in checking out the recipes I’ve tried I urge you to come by and visit, yanno say “Hi”.
I’ve rather missed y’all and I really should stop by and comment on your blogs, though I want to tell you that I have been reading all of your posts in an email that I get from FeedBlitz that combines all of your RSS feeds into a daily newsletter of posts, I just haven’t stopped by and left comments.
Have a great day guys!

All the best,

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I Have TOO Much

This year my new Year’s resolutions centred around one basic theme:


  • too much extra weight
  • too much debt
  • too much stuff

So I set resolutions in an effort to “Trim the Fat”:

  • Lose weight (10-15lbs) by running 4 times a week, completing a 10K and maybe even a 1/2 marathon.
  • Reduce our debt – get a line of credit to pay off credit cards, cut the cards up and begin to make some big payments!
  • Have a garage sale and sell all of the baby crap and clutter!
  • Work harder at work – ask more questions, get involved and do more!

Now that it’s February, most people have long forgotten the resolutions they made (if they even bothered to make any).  But this year I’m keeping mine.  Want proof?

Last month, according to NikePlus I ran 11 times – though my training journal at sweat365.com disagrees (it says I ran 10 times) and I would further disagree – I distinctly remember that I ran twice without my iPod and therefore not getting credit for my run, so make that 13 times.  (Hopefully next month I’ll do a better job of tracking my runs).

According to my Wii Fit I’ve lost a grand total of 3 lbs.  This totally sucks – I ate really healthy, said no to cake and ran more this past month than I did all of last year.  Which means I totally have to step this up by adding more.  More running, some swimming and some core strengthening.  Which is why I set this month’s goal on NikePlus to run 16 times, which is in line with my resolution.  I’m also going to swim 2 nights a week, Monday and Wednesday nights, so you may see less of me on here as I strive for there to actually be less of me.  Before I cuddle up to my laptop boyfriend I will spend some time doing some core strengthening (I may have to visit some fitness websites for some ideas).

My second resolution was to decrease our debt.  What I didn’t mention is that my hubby and I haven’t filed our taxes since 2003.  Yes – you read that right – I said 2003.  Now you would think the government would be all over us like a fat kid on a smartie (an M&M for all you American folk ’cause apparently you don’t know what the f–k a Smartie is), but they aren’t.  Yes the government generally leave you alone when they owe YOU money.  Unfortunately filing taxes from past years is a royal pain in the arse.  So I called up Intuit, those kind folk who make QuickTax and asked where I could buy QuickTax 2004, 2005, 2006, & 2007.  Intuit is one kick a$$ company because you know what they told me?  They said if I buy QuickTax 2008 and provide them with my order # they would provide me with the download links and activation codes for ALL of the software that I need!  Yes INTUIT YOU ROCK!  So that’s what I did and now I’m the proud new owner of QuickTax 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008!!!  Happy Dance!  So guess what?  i have a hot date with my laptop boyfriend this weekend to do our taxes and then send away for the oodles of cash the government owes us (I estimate this to be in the ~$5,000.00 range).  Not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, but enough to make a bit of a dent in our debt.  I’m well on my way to accomplishing resolution #2.

Resolution #3 was to get rid of the baby crap – unfortunately yard sales in 4 feet of snow don’t do well so that resolution is on hold until Spring (though i hear Spring will be coming soon ’cause our good friends the groundhogs saw their shadows this year).

Resolution #4 was to work harder.  I’m happy to say I wasn’t late for work even once last month (and that’s sayin’ alot ’cause we sure have gotten a shitload of snow this month).  I’ve even registered for a college night school course in my field.  Every Thursday night I get to spend 3 hours being bored to tears and discussing “Supply Chain Management” with 8 of my peers.  My class started last week and I’m already behind on my homework (my text book that I ordered online hasn’t arrived yet).  Sigh.

Yes – with 1 month down this year, and eleven more to go, I’m off to a great start.  How are you doing with your resolutions?

Thanks for stopping by!
-Janice aka @momontherun

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Don’t Know What to Write About? Try This List!

Writing a great post every day, week after week is hard work.  I spend hours each day looking for cute things my kids do to share with you and daydreaming about what to blog about.  Thank goodness my employer hasn’t found a way to monitor the things I think about ’cause I spend the majority of the day daydreaming – I need to break up the monotony of my day somehow.  (Though if there was a way they could monitor my thoughts they would, as they monitor every thing else we do at work).  Unfortunately, despite all of my daydreaming, I do occasionally encounter “blogger’s block”:

blogger’s block – Inability to think of anything to blog about.

Now one of the first things you’ll learn when researching how to grow your blog is that content is important.  Very important.  So much so that most sites will also tell you that if you don’t have any great posts to post, then don’t post at all.  It’s better to skip a day or two then to write crap that no one is interested in. 

Unfortunately you can only skip so many days before you start losing readers.  And that’s why this post will come very handy to you.  Go on now – Stumble It! or bookmark it right now so that when blogger’s block strikes you’ll know just what to do. 

Alright – so here’s a list of things to write about (or do) when you have blogger’s block:

  1. Go to twitter!
    Check out what people are chatting about right now!  I don’t think you even need a twitter account to view the public timeline.  As I write this the Twit Scoop suggests that people are talking about “The Bachelor” (which is on right now and I’ve changed the channel to it).  they are also chatting about: Chuck, Heroes and Christian Bale.
  2. Tweet!
    Find out what some of your twitter followers WANT to read about.  From the suggestions I got regarding busting Blogger’s Block, my twitter followers like reading about the cute things my kids say and do.  What do your follower’s want to read about?
  3. Read the news!
    What’s going on in the world?  Got a personal opinion to share? Then share it!
  4. Read blogs!
    Do a top ten recap of all of your favourite blogs (thanks to @theamanda for this idea). I’m going to check this one into my back pocket to pull out later this week.
  5. Do a google search for “Blogger’s Block”.
    There are a TON of great blog posts written about this subject.  Such as these ones:

    * 101 Great Posting Ideas That Will Make Your Blog Sizzle
    * Battling Bloggers Block
    * 10 tips for beating blogger’s block

  6. Write a post about Blogger’s Block!
    That’s what I did!

Happy blogging folks – I hope that you were able to find some great blogger’s block busting tips – I sure have.  Now I’ll leave ya with two cute cartoon’s I found about blogger’s block:



Thanks for stopping by!
-Janice aka @momontherun

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