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Coffee and a Muffin

artwork_images_181897_414235_gracemehan-devito When I was a pre-teen and into my teens, my mother worked at a bank on Saturday mornings and my brother went to a drama class.  This left my dad and I alone.  Now most normal dads would spend Saturday mornings puttering or watching sports re-runs, while most normal pre-teens would spend Saturday morning on the phone or watching “Saved By The Bell”.

But not us.

My dad and I shared a common bond – we both have ants in our pants and can’t stand to be cooped up in a house. 

We spent those Saturday mornings at the mall (Scarborough Town Centre) together having a French Vanilla or Hazelnut coffee from Mmmmmmmmarvelous Muffins and sharing a muffin.  We had a weekly date. Sometimes we’d sit in silence watching shoppers bustle by with their bags of goodies, and other times we talked about sports, or school, or even boys. 

I miss those days.

Tonight I had night school, and since hubby is away my dad babysat my girls for me.  When I arrived home the house was mostly silent, with the exception of a male voice and high-pitched girl voice.  I stood at the bottom of the stairs for a moment and listened in as best as I could. 

My dad was having an intense conversation with Sierra – just the way he did with me when I was a little girl.  It brought tears of happiness to my eyes, and the guilt of leaving my girls with a sitter while I was at school melted away.

I miss those Saturday mornings with my dad, I miss my coffee and a muffin.  I hope that one day my dad will also take my girls out on Saturday morning dates. 

I love you dad, thank you for babysitting tonight!

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