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Things My Kids Do That Doesn’t That Piss Me Off

I love my girls.  Lots and lots and lots.  And there are so many things they do that I absolutely love and adore:

  • When Sierra calls me "Queen Mommy"
  • The way Brooke raises one eyebrow when she’s studying something intently
  • The fact that Sierra eats beans because she thinks they’re "magic beans" that will make her a big girl
  • When Brooke gives me one of those big open mouth baby kisses on my cheek
  • How excited they both get when Daddy Rob comes home from work
  • When Sierra wraps her skinny little preschooler arms tightly around my neck and says: I love you mommy (I never ever want to forget that feeling)
  • when Brooke scoots around the playroom on her butt to get to all of Sierra’s "big girl" toys

Sigh – they’re both SO amazing!  What do your kids do that you love and adore?

Some Precious Gems

I’ve often said that kids say the darndest things.  Today was no different and this morning Sierra and I had some great conversations:

{{Brooke crying in the background, Mommy upstairs getting clothes}}

Sierra: Mommy!  Brookie cying!
Me:  How come Brookie is crying?
Sierra: Because I hit her…. with a stick!

{{Mommy getting dressed in front of Sierra}}

Sierra:  You look like a beeeeyooootiful Queen.
Me: I do?
Sierra:  Yes Mommy, I like your boobies!
Me: My boobies?
Sierra:  Yes, they make you look like a Queen.  I like them, they’re squishy.

{{Sierra grabs boobies – one in each hand}}

Me: OW!

{{Overheard… Sierra playing with McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy}}


In other news….  Brookie got her first TOOF!  Time sure is flying by – next thing I know she’ll be crawling, walking and swearing right along with her sister!  (I’ll share a picture of the toof just as soon as it emerges enough to be photographed).