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Wordless Wednesday: I’m Not A Baby Mom

The other night, I took Brooke (my middle daughter) and Amber (my youngest daughter) to the park so that my oldest daughter, Sierra, could work on her Sea Turtle project. While at the park Amber (2.5 yrs) decided to climb the climbing wall and while climbing she kept brushing me away and insisting:

I’m not a baby mom…. I’m not a baby!



Man – I know I sound like a broken record, but I really wish I could make time stand still. My girls are growing up way to fast.

You Say It’s Your Birthday

We played, we played, and we played some more.  Then the electronic babysitter was used while I put Brooke down for her morning nap.  Darn Barney, it was Baby Bop’s birthday.  When I came downstairs Sierra informed me that today was her birthday.  So we put balloons on her chair. 


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