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Just Once…

Just once I’d like to…..

  • Get dressed and go straight to work.
  • Have enough time on my morning drive to work to stop and buy a coffee along the way
  • Go a morning without having to wrestle kids to get dressed, get into car seats, get out of car seats, remove outer clothes and change into their “indoor shoes” before going to work.
  • Come straight home from work without having to pick up the kids
  • Come home straight from work to a home cooked meal without having to pick up the kids first
  • Have a week off of the mountainous amount of laundry I wash and fold every week
  • Sit in the comfy La-Z-Boy chair and watch my TV shows on the big screen TV after the kids have gone to bed

But if I can’t have any of that that, then I’ll settle for this AWESOME Miche bag:

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