Thanks Alot Kiddo!

Kid’s say the darndest things don’t they? Sierra is no exception. Lately she’s been learning to describe things: Daddy’s car fast, Daddy’s car blue, Mommy’s truck red, Brooke’s a baby, Brooke’s awake, Brooke’s looking at me, Brooke’s smiling, Daddy’s cute…. It’s really cute and interesting to hear her perception of things most of the time.

Here’s an actual conversation that occurred this morning while I was eating breakfast with her, and Daddy was saying goodbye to us as he was leaving for work:

(Daddy hugs and kisses Mommy)
Daddy: Sierra, why do I kiss mommy?
Sierra: Because mommy’s big and heavy!

Needless to say Rob and I couldn’t stop laughing, and of course because she got a reaction, she’s repeated all morning that Mommy is big and heavy. Now I better log off now to go for a walk, ’cause apparently even my two year old would agree that I need to lose weight – ugh!

6 thoughts on “Thanks Alot Kiddo!

  1. I hear ya. The other day, Konnor’s Uncle told him to pull his finger to engage him in the ever popular fart game. After playing the game with Konnor, Uncle asks if Daddy plays that game and farts with him too? Konnor answers – No – only Mommy farts. Nice.

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