The Amazing Weather Dog

The other day I was scrolling through the millions of channels we get with our satellite. While doing that I noticed that we get the weather network – I had no idea that we even got that channel! Which got me to thinking (uh oh – never let a blonde think). Well it seems to me that we’ve had no use for the wether network ever since Cosmo Boy and I acquired Cosmo Dawg. The first thing she does every morning is go outside in the backyard to do what dogs do outside :wink:. We can easily tell the weather when we let her back in:

  • If she’s wet – it’s raining.
  • If she’s white – it’s snowing.
  • If her ears are cold – it’s cold out.
  • If her ears are cold and she doesn’t stay out very long = it’s f’ing cold out.
  • If her fur is hot – it’s hot out.
  • If her fur is hot and she runs straight to her water bowl – it’s f’ing hot out.

Ahhh – Cosmo Dawg the weather dog – what would we do without her? Why we’d have to *gulp* watch the weather network!

4 thoughts on “The Amazing Weather Dog

  1. I have a couple questions for you! How did you know the
    weather before you got Cosmo Dawg? Have you ever been amazed
    by the things you find when you dont need them?

  2. I should add that we have a pet door, so we have two weather dogs plus two weather cats. Sometimes we get mixed signals (it’ll be pouring rain outside, you see the cat come in through the door, yet it is dry. Miracle?)

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