The Apple Hasn’t Fallen Far From the Tree

Today Sierra had a walk-a-thon at school – afterwards we had this conversation:

Sierra: We walked at school for money today.
Me: Was it a fundraiser. (She heard “fun” raiser)
Sierra: No – it wasn’t. It wasn’t fun.
Me: Why wasn’t it fun?
Sierra: They wouldn’t let us run at all.

Ha ha – I think I would have said the same thing if I was her age… Who am I kidding, walk-a-thons aren’t fun at my age – I’d much rather run too.

One thought on “The Apple Hasn’t Fallen Far From the Tree

  1. I lied.

    I’m back!

    First of all, adorable little soccer-playing girl!

    Second, again, two posts wouldn’t let me post a comment. (sorry to bug you).

    Third, you did the Toronto Women’s Half-Marathon too! Yay!! Congrats! Did you see me puking in the bushes afterwards? (yuck, sorry, you don’t even know me). The comment before this one will explain why I ended up being sick a half hour afterwards. (undertrained)

    Glad I finished it at least! Congrats to you!!

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