The Big One

No mommy blog is complete without a poop story. Sierra is well known for her blowout poops. But wee little Brooke? She hasn’t advertised her talents yet…

!@(blowout.jpg popimg: “Brooke’s Blowout”)Sierra used to poop several times a day. Occasionally she’d hold it in for a day or two – then have a complete blowout. Brooke on the other hand thinks blowouts are hilarious and now only poops every few days. Today I was lucky to be the unsuspecting recipient of a blowout. Thanks kiddo. I love you too.

3 thoughts on “The Big One

  1. Fire in the hole to say the least on that one. Stay clear of the incoming bombs and have a happy TGIF you guys.


  2. Unfortunately, I still remember my daughter managing the blow out that blew right out the leg of her diaper and onto my ex-favourite robe.

  3. When Owen was about 3-4 months old we were at the doctor’s for a check-up. While we were in the office Owen had a very large poop. He was sitting on me. Let’s just say – we both had to go home to change.

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