The Breast Crawl

WARNING: This is a pro-breastfeeding post and is not work safe.

This is a pretty cool video (skip forward to 1:28 – 1:03). I’ve actually witnessed this in each of my two babies. In the first few weeks following birth, I often slept with them on top of me while I was bare chested. Both Sierra and Brooke crawled to the breast. Sierra wouldn’t latch on – but Brooke did. This is just another example of why I feel breastfeeding is such a natural and important part of child rearing.

7 thoughts on “The Breast Crawl

  1. Interesting. I must admit I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

    It just makes sense. They are after all just breasts, that is what they’re there for….

  2. That is cool — so they are trying to encourage this method of first breastfeeding in order to encourage successful breastfeeding in third world countries? That’s what I got from it anyway :)
    Would be hard for the mother I think, since they said it can take 30 to 60 minutes, must be hard to watch and not try to “instruct” baby.

  3. Can’t see the video, my Net is letting me down awfully tonight. But yeah – it’s amazing, isn’t it? Kids seem to know how to survive best!

    But Valerie… in most Third World countries(developing countries, as I’d prefer you to call them), people haven’t Un-learned breastfeeding yet. Formula is still a last resort available only to the rich. So you can chuck “videos teaching people in third world countries to breastfeed” out of the window.

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