The Case of The Run Away Baby

Over this past weekend, hubby and I purchased a toddler bed for Brooke, with the hope that it would solve her sleeping (or lack of sleeping if you will) issue. We weren’t really sure when we would begin using it – whether we’d just put her in it in my room next to my bed, or if we would do the whole cry-it-out thing in her crib, then move her to a toddler bed when she was older. However, Saturday night our A/C decided that it was over-worked and under-paid and went on strike. Brooke’s room doesn’t have a ceiling fan so Rob dusted off the table top fan we stashed into the garage when we moved. After 10 min of dusting, it was finally clean. Rob plugged it in and voila! It had also decided to go on strike (actually, I think this thing has completely resigned). Thankfully we had just bought the toddler bed, so We set it up for Brooke in my room Saturday night so that she could sleep under the fan. She slept on it beautifully both Saturday and Sunday night – waking up only briefly and falling asleep quickly after nursing. I think the trick is that she’s now back in the same room as me, and doesn’t fully wake up. I pick her up with the slightest little peep out of her and slip her some boobie to pacify her back to sleep. With her in a seperate bed beside me I’m now longer rolling into her and waking her up all night – Yay!

OK, so now you’re thinking, how does this relate to the post title, right? Well Monday night we once again placed Brooke in her toddler bed. I slept next to her in my bed. Tuesday morning Rob woke up at 6 am when he heard his bedroom door squeak open. He looked over at the door expecting to see Sierra standing there, but instead saw nothing. Then he heard the tiniest voice cry out: "Daaa Daaa!". He looked down, and there was Brooke on all fours crawling over to him! He picked her up and began playing with her, waiting for me to come in and snuggle too. 5 minutes went by and there was no sign of me. After changing Brooke, Rob brought her to my room to tease me about bringing her to his room, then sneaking off to go back to sleep. The thing is, I was fast asleep, and had NEVER woken up!  Brooke was the one doing the sneaking…. she woke up, slipped out of her bed quietly, then snuck off to Rob’s room!

EDIT: Rob and I have been sleeping in separate rooms for the past 4 years because either I’m a very light sleeper or he snores far too loud…

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  1. Just wait a few more years when they can crawl out of bed, walk over to your room and stand there in the dark waiting for you to wake up. My kid is the cutest little guy in the world. But it is still damn creepy!

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