The Cuteness Never Ends

tow0013For as frustrating as parenthood is, there certainly are times when children make it all worth it with the funny things they say and do. Here are two of the gems Sierra came up with this week:

  • Sierra came in the washroom while I was “on the potty”. She pulled down her pants and just stood there staring at me with her pants and undies around her ankles. I asked her what she was doing and she replied with a very matter of fact voice, “Can’t you see I’m waiting?”
  • After Sierra went to the potty this morning I asked her, “Did you flush the toilet?”. She replied, “I have people for that, mommy”.

12 thoughts on “The Cuteness Never Ends

  1. You might need to teach her to wait in the hall before she starts school. LMAO

    How about asking her where she got her people? We all want to know! LOL

    So funny!!

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