The Differences Between H1N1 and the Common Cold

I guess I jinxed myself by writing extensively about the H1N1 vaccine last week… Before we even had an opportunity to protect our family, my oldest daughter has become ill. My educated guess – the flu. Is it the seasonal flu or H1N1? I’m not entirely sure – but with the chart below I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a very good chance it’s H1N1. Regardless, I’m monitoring her closely, and making sure she gets fluids and rest.

If anyone in your family becomes ill, below is a list of the key differences between the common cold, and H1N1. If you or someone in your family is diplaying the symptoms in the right column, then please ensure they stay home. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “The Differences Between H1N1 and the Common Cold

  1. May I make a small suggestion? If you’re not too keen on taking her to a walk-in clinic or hospital emergency, call Tele-health. They too can determine whether she has the regular flu or H1N1 AND you can avoid the risk of her infecting others or getting infected from others if she has something else. Get better soon Sierra!!!

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