The Eat All Day And Lose Weight Diet

Reiki Diet Or shall I call it the snack all day and lose weight diet?  Either way, I’m pretty sure I’m going to generate a lot of traffic with this title.  If you’ve come here by one of those searches then stick around – this is pretty interesting, and trust me it works!

My hubby is not a small man.  The Wii Fit says his BMI puts him on the low end of obese.  I beg to differ – I think he’s perfect just the way he is.  He, on the other hand, agrees with the Wii Fit and has made it his goal in 2009 to lose a little weight.  How is he going to do it? 

With exercise and eating.

Not an ordinary starve yourself, restrict calories, skip the desert diet.  No – that’s just not his style.  He’s going to eat, eat, eat to lose weight.  His plan is uber simple:

Eat a 100 calorie snack every waking hour.

His plan is to eat a 100 calorie snack every waking hour.  It can be anything, just as long as it’s approximately 100 calories. ie: carrots, cheese, crackers, ham, pepperoni stick, fruit, snack pack of chips etc….  Oh don’t worry, he’ll also follow the Canada Food Guide – it wont be all cookies, pepperoni and beer.

What?  Lose weight by eating?  How does that work?

Trust me it works.  It works for 2 reasons:

  1. He spends more calories than he consumes.  (The most basic principle of weight loss). Assuming 16 waking hours, that’s only 1600 calories, and trust me, I’m sure he spends more than 1600 calories a day chasing Sierra & Brooke
  2. It doesn’t slow down his metabolism, putting him into "starvation mode".

Easy Peasy!

Today his "diet" looked like this:

9 am – 1 pancake, 1 coffee with milk and sweetener
10 am – 1 egg
11 am – 2 cheese strings
12 pm – "Soup-at-hand"
1 pm – assorted fruit
2 pm – Yogourt
3 pm – 4 ham slices
4 pm – popcorn, diet Pepsi (at the movies with Sierra)
5 pm – popcorn (at the movies with Sierra)
6 pm – skipped snack bc popcorn may have exceeded 100 calorie limit
7 pm – Eggo Waffle
8 pm – snack pack of Lays Chips
9 pm – beer
10 pm – leftover rice

He’s done this before, and it worked – he lost a lot of weight, but unfortunately when he entered maintenance mode, slowly returning to a "normal" eating plan he fell off the wagon.  I hope this time he’s more successful.  Good luck honey!

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