The Eavesdropper

It’s ok – I’ve worked out today, so I’m allowed to be on the ‘puter. (That’s my new weightloss plan – no ‘puter while Sierra is napping unless I’ve already worked out: Strollerfit, Mommy & Me Fitness or a 30 min “run” on my treadmill). I’ve lost 2 lbs so far with this new game plan….

!@(monitor.jpg popimg: “Fisher Price Sound N Lights Monitor”)So what’s this about eavesdropping? I think I caught a neighbour eavesdropping on my house today. Thanks to “modern” technology it is possible. You see – I have a Fisher Price Sounds ‘N’ Lights Monitor. It reportedly can work up to 500m away (that’s 1/2 a KM!). And I’m pretty sure it does. I put Sierra down for her nap – and often she can put herself to sleep, and well – sometimes she can’t. Anyways I had her transmitter on channel B. I came downstairs and listened to her try to settle on one of my receivers, also set to channel B. I dropped the receiver and it flipped to channel A – guess what I heard? Yep – a staticy version of Sierra trying to settle. I flipped it back to channel B – I heard the same thing minus the static. So I grabbed the other reciever and put it on channel A – yep I heard it again. Now I KNOW this neighbour has the exact same monitor that they use on channel A ’cause when they first brought their baby home from the hospital I accidentally heard them changing their baby (I left my receiver on channel A, then went and picked up Sierra from a nap, I turned off my transmitter and I heard voices instead of the usual static – since then I’ve changed to channel B). The sound from them listening in on channel B was floating through their house and being picked up by their transmitter set to channel A. Isn’t that rude? And if you’re going to listen in on someone else’s house – why wouldn’t you turn off your transmitter? Sierra still wasn’t settling so I went to her room, picked her up and told her all about our nosey neighbours (I figured they were probably still listening). I wonder if it was interesting to them?

10 thoughts on “The Eavesdropper

  1. Jeff Foxworthy used to tell a story about their first child. They thought the kid was just a very sound sleeper, but apparently they had the baby monitor installed backward. They found out when the kids’ first words were “Oh, yeah baby, right there, you know I like that…”


  2. That is terribly rude! That used to happen to us when we lived in an apartment. But, then again, we hardly needed a baby monitor to hear what was going on next door!

  3. Wow You are THAT interesting that there is somethign to eavesdrop!?!??! hehe
    That is creept tho…You should totally do the “Sleepless in Seatle” thing all afternoon….that will teach them 😳

  4. 😆 Funny that your neighbour has so little excitement in her life that she feels she needs to live through the sounds of your daughter. How many grunting poops does she have to hear in order to feel worthy? Maybe she was hoping that Sierra bunked in your room and she could hear you and your husband. Sick

  5. This reminds me of when I taught my sister about stealing wireless internet last week. We got the modem and plugged it to her computer, now she can cancel AOL and steal from her neighbors!

  6. Holy cow, now you got me wondering if we’ve anyone around here who could’ve listened in to us. 😯 I doubt it though, I think we’re the only ones with a toddler in this vicinity.
    But still, very rude! You should confront her – or really yank her chain. Talk about how the kids down the street are planning to TP the neighbor’s house or something. Make em lose sleep! 😉

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