The first Annual Mom on the Run Half Marathon

I have a confession…. I’ve barely worked out for the past month. I was sick, we were adjusting to new school and sports routines, we went to a friend’s cottage, I was recovering from the triathlon… Excuses? Probably.

I’m *ALMOST* better from my flu/vertigo/pink eye illness. Which means I’m starting to think about goals to motivate me. I just can’t do the working out for the sake of working out thing. The problem with coming up with goals is that hubby isn’t as on board with a full race schedule as I’d like him to be, and rightfully so. I’ve written about that before. So I need something new to keep me going.

How do you motivate yourself?

I’m thinking of creating a half marathon training plan for an imaginary half marathon “race”. The first annual Mom on the Run Half Marathon. Maybe even a semi-annual half marathon. One in January, and one in July/August. I could sneak out of the house early on a Sunday morning and run a half marathon distance route as fast as I can after a few months of training (16 weeks?). There would be no packet pick up to contend with, no baggage check, no porta-potty line ups, no aid stations, no horrendous race pictures to purchase etc. On the flip side there would be no medals or technical t-shirts, but I’ve got a ton of them anyways. The best part? The race entry is FREE!

Today is September 25, 2012. 16 weeks from now is January 13, 2012. It’ll be the middle of winter. There could be a TON of snow, or brutally cold out. But I’m gonna do it.

Does anyone want to join me? I can post a training schedule for you if you’re interested.