The Grass is Always Greener

I went back to work because staying home with my kids all day drove me nuts.
I left that job for another job because that old job drove me nuts.
I’m now contemplating figuring out how to stay home because learning the ropes at my new job and commuting is driving me nuts.

Maybe I’m just nuts?

I dunno – maybe I just haven’t found the perfect work/life balance for me. I like working – but everyday? Will the grass be greener if I straddle the fence? Work part-time and be home part-time? How much money do I need to make working part-time to live the same lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to? Gah! Don’t you just love Mommy-Guilt?

In other news our new mattress set arrived last night. I had an amazing sleep, but didn’t manage to convince the hubby who had just spent two nights in a row up too late watching football (oh joy football is back…) to test out the new mattress with me ?

2 thoughts on “The Grass is Always Greener

  1. I would vote that you are nuts! For what ever the reason. LOL
    I think your hubby might be nuts too. Either that or maybe cheating on you, gay, dead … or something. I love football, but I would skip the Super Bowl to break in a new mattress.
    I hope you find your balance of work and home. Good Luck!!

  2. no, you are definitely not nuts!

    My kids drive me crazy all day long but I know that a job would probably do the same. At the same time, i know I couldn’t make enough money part-time to cover childcare so I feel very stuck.

    I think no matter what you end up doing, you’ll still be hit with mommy guilt one way or the other!

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