The Great Boob Debate

My Treat Of The Week, Kirsten Dunst, has sparked a great debate. I’ll call it the great boob debate. Boobs come in all shapes and sizes, but which is better – real, yet saggy boobs OR fake, perky boobs? I guess size also plays a role – small and saggy would be my least preferable while small and perky is ok. Large and saggy? Large and perky? Then there’s the whole nipple issue – pointy or flat? Large or small aereola’s? Dark or light?

My boobs? They still pass the pencil test even though I’ve had 1 kid and have been breastfeeding for 14 weeks, so I’m not sure what Kirsten’s excuse is…

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  1. I think I might have strained something clicking to get over here so fast…


    Are great. Simple as that. As for my preferences: Real. Don’t like the super enlarged ones (porn look, like little round softballs on an otherwise normal looking person), don’t like the ones that kinda point off into the distance all by themselves like traffic cones.

    Size doesn’t matter, nearly as much, to me. More than a handful? Well, I’ve got two hands…

    (hey, YOU asked!)

  2. Well, I can pass the pencil test too, but perhaps that’s because I got smaller after my daughter (not after my son).

    I can’t say I ever gave much thought to what I prefer about women’s boobs, since they’re not quite a focus for me, not being a man.

    But after going to the Y for years, I have to say that nothing grossed me out more than the natural, sagging to the waist and pointing at the floor boobs I saw there on a regular basis.

    On those occasions I think I would have preferred to see the fake ones, even though I’ve never seen fake ones that didn’t look fake.

  3. I’d select real, any size, any shape, any day. Real and small and perky are nice. Real and large and perky are impressive. But real is the key.

  4. I think what is important is that there ARE boobs. And even small boobs still count as boobs.


    Did ya notice if you say a word enough times it stops sounding like a real word? Uh, don’t do that at work though.

  5. As many as possible of big, real, firm.

    I like looking at fake boobs in a t-shirt or bathing suit or something else where they could conceivably be natural boobs with good support. But take off the clothes and fake boobs rarely look right. Even the ones that aren’t as massively unnatural-looking as, say, Pamela Anderson’s boobs still generally don’t look right. They don’t usually move right. And they don’t feel right.

    Nipples? Pointy, for sure. As for aureolæ, as long as they’re not really small, that’s fine with me, and the colour isn’t a big deal unless it is very unlike the person’s complexion.

    Signed, currently dating a 38D who doesn’t pass the pencil test but I don’t mind at all :mrgreen:

  6. For me it has always been proportion. Proportion of the boobs to the rest of the body, whether they are real or not. The women in National Geographic never did it for me, but they were “topless’ women, so you (as a teenaged male) you can help but to seek those pictures. I’ll admit, it’s hard not to notice the big mambo-jambas (as one of my friends called hers) but small boobs can be very attractive on a atheltic build woman (see August(?) 2004 of Playboy – Olympians). If you’re Anna Nicole Smith, hers didn’t look that bad (when she was a GAP model) on the other Jennifer Tilly’s twins are a little out of the ordinary and as dan mentioned has the “porn look.” Oddities such as 1+ inch nipples are a little freaky.

    Speaking of small boobs, here in Knoxville they are having a “Breast Little” contest, where the winner (with the littlest breastesses) will win $4000 to have breast augmentation. One one level I find it exploitation, but on the other hand… what a novel idea to entice college guys to come spend money at their bar and I don’t think the winner is commited to actually having the procedure done.

    But what about a guy’s chest? How big does it get before it’s gross? or does it? Growing up I never weight lifted but played soccer, so I had legs that made my mom nervous because all of her friends would comment on how nice her 16yo’s legs were. As a result, I had (not a severe) “bird chest”. Now that I am working my upper body more and swimming, I am a lot more shapely, but no Brad Pitt. So how would the guys debate go?

  7. GRRRRRRRRR… wordpress ate original post

    I had commented that proportion was the key for me. The right size of knockers would be where they went with the body structure of the individual. I think that Anna Nicole Smith (when she was a Gap model) was great, but that Jennifer Tilly has the “porn look” that Dan mentioned. Small breatesses look great like on Allyson Felix, American Sprinter, her small frame and athletic build makes her look good. So, for me, it really doesn’t matter if their real or not…

    Now as for specific characteristics, such as areoloas, nipples and color. Color and Areoloa are not a big deal, but there has to be some nipple there… not 0.01cm nor 5 cm but something, errr, managable.

    Here in Knoxville they are having a “Breast Little” contest where the winner will receive $4000 for breast augmentation. Criteria… have the smallest little mosquito bites possible and have them turned into big mambo-jambas.

    I’m sure this exists, but how many names can female breasts have? And is there any criteria on guy’s peck. Bigger the better? But you have Bruce Lee who is flat but incredibly muscular, Toby Mcquire with defined but not huge, Brad Pitt with the complete package, or the not-so girly man arnold schwarzenegger whose pecks could of had their own zipcode at one time.

  8. it’s all about proportion for me. small boobs look perfectly fine on a small frame. i prefer natural boobs, but i’ve seen a few boob jobs that look pretty good. i definitely, definitely am not a fan of boobs that you can instantly tell are fake.

    as for kirsten dunst? she just turned wha, 21? sorry, natural or not, that’s way too young to be saggy like that. somebody needs to introduce her to a bra.

  9. Natural small perky breast is what I like, those gigantic ones can take a hike, I love the ones that stand up and say, lick me every day!


  10. Pencil test? I’m not quite sure what that is, but I’m guessing it has some degree of “accuracy” in determining the quality of boobage.

    I always prefer natural over enhanced. Perky is sure nice, but if they’re real they’re bound to droop here and there over time. And that’s OK. Really, it’s all about proportion, which is why I take such issue with people like Pam Anderson. She actually might be somewhat attractive, albeit skanky, if she didn’t have two Hindenburgs on her chest. I weep for her bra straps – clinging to life with every fiber of their being, hoping they won’t be ripped asunder because she chose to wear the one that was two sizes too small.

    So, proportion in mind, if a woman decides that she wants enhancement, for God’s sake, please just keep it real. We know that nature doesn’t make size 2 women with DDD breasts (at least, not very often). I guess, mostly, I prefer the breasts that are keeping it real – small or large. There is something far more attractive about self-assurance and confidence than huge falsie cans.

  11. Wait until you have more than one child and stop nursing after a year with each and we’ll talk about the pencil test and drooping…:twisted:

  12. LOL, I agree that proportion is everything. Size in relation to body, nipple in relation to size of breast etc. LOL. For a woman I’m pretty particular about my boobs! HAHAH! I’m not a fan of the half-grapefruit boob job look, but some false breasts are alright. I pass the pencil test, but even if I didn’t sagging a little is not a bad thing. But with Kirsten, at 21, shouldn’t have breasts that look like pancakes or pizza dough rolled out. LOL. But that’s me and my tastes….I definitely think she’d benefit from a bra.

  13. “I can see your dirty pillows. Everyone will.”

    Personally I like them small, natural and saggy. Kirsten’s are very pretty. But all breasts are pretty. People just need to be happy with what they’ve got and stop trying to augment, yo. They just look retarded, especially if they’re not done right.

    -currently bearing the weight of ginormously huge monstrosities with continent-sized nipples (dude, I’m totally exaggerating)…but I’m happy with ’em

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