The Haircut….

We finally took Sierra for a hair cut on Wednesday night so that she would look all good for her birthday party. It was long and shaggy and she could barely see through her bangs. We should have left well enough alone ’cause now she kind of looks like Jim Carey in “Dumb & Dumber”:

Don’t believe me?

The poor kid! I hope it grows out soon! 😉 Other than the end result of the haircut, we rather enjoyed the whole experience. The hairdresser was friendly and nice, and Sierra got a little certificate to commemerate her 1st haircut that said: “You showed Bravery and Courage for your First Haircut”. It was really cute – too bad the haircut looks like crap!

7 thoughts on “The Haircut….

  1. aw! :-)

    And this is why boys are “easier” – we just shave E’s hair off with the clippers. In fact, he’s due for a cut… :-)

  2. That’s what my hair looked like in my passport photo taken when I was 6 years old and emigrating to Canada! LOL Regardless, I still think she’s cute! But, I could be just a wee bit prejudiced!

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