The Interview

Well it seems that blog interviews are all the rage these days, and since I’m never one to miss out on the fun I jumped at the chance to participate. This was very enjoyable and CosmoBoy and I actually learned something about each other through this process. T.Marie was my interviewer:

We’re all anticipating the arrival of CosmoBaby, can you give us a peek into
the nursery? Do you have a decorating theme for the baby’s room? And if so
what is it?

So far we haven’t even begun to decorate the nursery – I told you I’m going to be a horrible mother! What kind of parent doesn’t have their first child’s room decorated months before they arrive?! The theme will be Teddy bears, and the colours will be baby blue, mint green and red. We’ll be picking up the baby furniture from my sister-in-law in a month from now. After that my mother-in-law will be coming over to help CosmoBoy paint – I’ll post pictures as soon as there is something to take pictures of, I promise!

What was your favorite childhood storybook and do you plan on reading it to CosmoBaby?

I have three favourite books from my childhood:
Horton Hatches The Egg Dr. Seuss’s kindly elephant is persuaded to sit on an egg while its mother, the good-for-nothing bird lazy Maysie, takes a break. Little does Horton know that Maysie is setting off for a permanent vacation in Palm Springs. He waits, and waits, never leaving his precarious branch, even through a freezing winter and a spring that’s punctuated by the insults of his friends. (“They taunted. They teased him. They yelled ‘How Absurd! Old Horton the Elephant thinks he’s a bird!'”) Further indignities await, but Horton has the patience of Job–from whose story this one clearly derives–and he is rewarded in the end by the surprise birth of… an elephant-bird. It taught me that patience pays off.

The Monster At The End Of This Book
– Lovable, furry old Grover is distressed to learn that there’s a monster at the end of the book! He begs readers not to turn the pages, but of course kids feel they just have to see this monster for themselves. Grover is astonished–and kids are delighted–to discover who is really the monster at the end of the book! It taught me that no matter what you fear, it’s never as bad as you think it will be.

The Velveteen Rabbit – A stuffed toy rabbit (with real thread whiskers) comes to life in Margery Williams’s timeless tale of the transformative power of love. Given as a Christmas gift to a young boy, the Velveteen Rabbit lives in the nursery with all of the other toys, waiting for the day when the Boy (as he is called) will choose him as a playmate. In time, the shy Rabbit befriends the tattered Skin Horse, the wisest resident of the nursery, who reveals the goal of all nursery toys: to be made “real” through the love of a human. “‘Real isn’t how you are made,’ said the Skin Horse. ‘It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.'” Eventually the Rabbit is chosen as the boy’s playmate and the Rabbit becomes real. I guess it taught me that love can make you come alive.

If you could choose the genes and traits that you and CosmoBoy could pass
onto to this child, what would you want to give them that was totally you?
And totally CosmoBoy?

Totally me? The ants in my pants – I seriously can’t sit still, which is why I turn to athletics as an outlet for my energy.
Totally CosmoBoy? His patience and love of learning. When I asked him what his favourite childhood books were he responded: The New Book of Knowledge – yep CosmoBoy read Encyclopaedia’s for fun!

I’m loving your Supermom skin on your blog, the whole comic book hero thing
is pretty cool. So who was/is your favorite comic book character and why?

My favourite comic book character was Betty Cooper (from The Archies). For some reason I could always relate to her:

“Betty isn’t perfect, it just seems that she is. Her faith in people is unshakable, and her loyalty to her friends is unbreakable. Betty is many things to many people: a warm, vibrant, fun loving girl who lives for the present but thinks of her future; a tomboy with spunk and a lady with polish; an irrepressible free spirit and a responsible young woman, a dreamer and a realist with a heart that’s bigger than all outdoors.As the old saying goes, “Blondes have more fun!”, and no girl in Riverdale had more fun than Betty.”

Yep – that’s me!

I’m already thinking about planning a vacation trip for whenever I get a job that
I can take a vacation from. Sell me on a vacation in your little corner of
Canada. Come up with an itinerary for a 5 day vacation that will make me
anxious to hop a plane.

I’ll be your tourguide….
Day 1 – First stop Tim Horton’s – there’s nothing more welcoming than a hot cup of Timmy’s coffee! We’ll Limo it from Pearson International to stay at the Royal York (built in 1929, it was the tallest building in the British Commonwealth and quickly set the hospitality standard of the day. The magnificent hotel became known as a city within a city, rising in 28 floors of architectural splendor and replete with mechanical genius and opulence never before seen in Toronto). We’ll party the night away at The Dock’s Waterfront Entertainment Complex where we can dance at the nightclub, play minigolf, beach volleyball, go rock climbing, swimming and even watch the sunset over the Toronto Skyline from the open air waterfront patio.

Day 2 – Sleep in, breakfast in bed, then catch an afternoon Raptors game at the Air Canada Centre. Afterwards we’ll have dinner at 360, the revolving restaurant at the top of the CN Tower. Followed by some good ol’ Canadian beer swilling at the Peel Pub and Ye Olde Brunswick House (aka The Brunny)

Day 3 – We’ll take it easy and recover from our two days of fun by spending the day at a relaxing spa in the ritzy Bloor/Yorkville area of Toronto, followed by shopping at The Toronto Eaton Centre and dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

Day 4 – We’ll take a Limo chauffeured wine tour in the fabulous Niagara Wine Region of Toronto we’ll visit Châteaux des Charmes and many others. Afterwards we’ll party the night away in Las Vegas north – The Fallsview Hotel and Casino in Niagara Falls.

Day 5 – Last day 😥 We’ll go for a nice brekkie at The Fallsview Hotel and Casino followed by a ride on the Maid of The Mist – a ferry ride that takes you up close and personal with one of the seven wonders of the world – Beautiful Niagara Falls.

Alrightie – I guess I need to share the love too – anyone up for an interview?

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  1. I loved reading your answers!! Velveteen Rabbit was my favorite and my daughter’s favorite too. Although I admit I also read encyclopedias when I was a kid.
    And pshaw! you’re gonna be a great mom…lots of us wait until the last minute to do the nursery.

  2. The Monster at the End of this Book is a huge favorite around my house. So is Shel Silverstein’s poem Mr. Moody. (They’re not old enough to “get” his Smart poem yet.)

  3. The Cat in the Hat was always my favourite book, and for a while I had the entire thing memorized. Now that my kids are older, only the first part of the book is still in my head, but I loved having it memorized for when I happened upon someone’s little kid.

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