The Lost Continent Of Atlantis

I found it! Do I get a prize? It was in my bathtub… 😯 I filled up the tub, dumped in a ton of bubble bath, waited until the tub was full, then slipped in. When I looked toward the foot of the bath there it was – sticking 5 inches out of the water – the lost continent of Atlantis! Oh wait… that was just my tummy. *Sigh* Don’t laugh – my belly was freaking freezing!

10 thoughts on “The Lost Continent Of Atlantis

  1. ROTFLMAO! When you said you saw something sticking up out of the water, I was afraid you were going to say something about seeing the Tower of Babylon and then I would have been very worried.

  2. Too funny. You need to take a small towel into the tub with you so that you can warm it and put it over Atlantis.

  3. You know what’s great about having a tummy, you can use it as a plate holder for your dinner while watching t.v. or propping your book on.

  4. A friend of mine, who plays flute and piccolo in one of the bands I’m in, used to use her pregnant tummy to hold one instrument while she played the other :-)

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