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While surfing around the ‘net, I found this really cool birth plan creator thing-a-ma-jig at Hmmm… I guess it’s only really cool if you’re expecting. But whatever. Anyways, while there I decided to create my own birth plan…

Birth Plan for Cosmo GRRL!
Due Date: July 8, 2005

We are looking forward to sharing our birth experience with you. We have created this birth plan in order to outline some of our preferences for birth. We would appreciate you reviewing this plan, and would be happy to do so with you. We understand that there may be situations in which our choices may not be possible, but we hope that you will help us to move toward our goals as much as possible and to make this labor and birth a great experience. We do not want to replace the medical personnel, but instead want to be informed of any procedures in advance, and to be allowed the chance to give informed consent. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions or comments. Thank you!

Please Note

I expect that doctors and hospital staff will discuss all procedures with me before they are performed.
I would like to be free to walk, change positions and use the bathroom as needed or desired.
I will remain hydrated by drinking moderate amounts of fluids (water, juice, ice chips).
I wish to labor freely in the birthing tub or shower.
I do not mind observation by students, interns or staff.

Labor Augmentation/Induction
If my pregnancy progresses past 40 weeks, I would prefer to base the decision to induce on the results of Cosmo Baby’s biophysical profiles, not on my own personal discomfort or impatience.
If induction is attempted, but fails, I would like to come back at another time rather than pursue further intervention (assuming my membranes are intact and that waiting presents no danger to Cosmo Baby or myself).

Anesthesia/Pain Medication
I would like to have a light dose (walking) epidural.
I would like the epidural to wear off slightly as I approach full dilation and the pushing stage.

Cesarean Section Delivery
If a cesarean is necessary, I expect to be fully informed of all procedures and actively participate in decision-making.
I would like my husband, Cosmo Boy to be present during the surgery.
Please explain the surgery to me as it happens.
If conditions permit, I would like to be the first to hold Cosmo Baby after the delivery.
If possible, I would like to breastfeed Cosmo Baby immediately after the birth.

Perineal Care
To help my perineum stretch, please help guide my pushing efforts by letting me know when to push and when to stop.
I would rather have an episiotomy than risk a tear.
Please administer local anesthesia when repairing any episiotomy or tear(s).

I would like the freedom to push and deliver in any position I like.
I would appreciate help from my husband, Cosmo Boy and staff supporting my legs as I push.
I would not like to have a mirror available.

Immediately after the birth
Please place Cosmo Baby on my stomach/chest immediately after delivery.
I would like to breastfeed Cosmo Baby immediately.
My husband, Cosmo Boy would like the option to cut the cord.
Please allow the umbilical cord to stop pulsating before it is cut.
Please remove my IV/Heparin lock/catheter as soon as possible after delivery.

Newborn Care
Please evaluate and bathe Cosmo Baby at my bedside.
If Cosmo Baby must go to the nursery for evaluation or medical treatment, my husband, Cosmo Boy, or someone I designate, will accompany Cosmo Baby at all times.

Postpartum Care
If available, I would prefer a private room.
I would like to have Cosmo Baby room-in with me at all times.
I would like my my husband, Cosmo Boy to room-in with me.
Assuming I feel up to it and Cosmo Baby is healthy, I would like to be released from the hospital as soon as possible following the birth.

I plan to breastfeed and want to nurse immediately following the birth.
I would like to know more about breastfeeding.
I would like to meet with the staff lactation consultant.

Additional notes
I am not planning to have Cosmo Baby circumcised.

Pregnancy and Baby Birth Plan –
Information contained within this plan was selected and written by Cosmo GRRL!.
Plan format copyright © 1999-2005 by Coincide Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

9 thoughts on “The Plan….

  1. That sounds very similar to my birth plan with my first son. Be aware that often times the hospital has policies in place that go against your wishes. For instance, my hospital didn’t do walking epidurals, and since my water broke, I wasn’t allowed to walk around due to the potential of a prolapsed cord. They also wouldn’t do a heplock, only the full iv–because if you want an epidural, you have to have a certain amount of fluid via iv before they will give you one. Also, don’t be afraid/reluctant to put CB in the nursery. I asked for him to room in and honestly got zero sleep the entire time I was in the hospital. You will need to recoup. from delivery, and they will bring you CB whenever you ask and at regular intervals for nursing.

  2. It’s great you have a plan in place. And although as AK pointed out, sometimes hospital policy will override your plan, I know my hospital did the very best to follow my wishes. As for whether to have CB room with you or be put in the nursery, it depends on the little one. I felt rested and was happy to have my little guy in the room with me. If anything, having him in my room with me enticed me to get out of bed and get moving. You’ll need to do that to get your gut working again so you can eat proper food (jello and broth…uck!). And breast feeding immediately, I’m glad to hear you’re planning to go that route. I know some women can’t breast feed or just choose not to which is fine. But all the positives of breastfeeding outweighed the negatives for me. :)

  3. A birth plan is a good idea! We had one for Kiddo#1 and of course it flew immediately out the window when we were at the hospital but it definitely calmed my nerves writing it.

  4. Wow – we’ve come a long way, baby. I never even saw a plan before – after having had two kids. These newfangled inventions keep getting harder and harder.

    In the end you just scream for the epidural, sleep for a couple of hours, wake up to vomit and then have the baby.

  5. There are inflatable sleeves/cuffs that go over your legs that pump in a rhythmic fashion to maintain circulation. If you have to do the C-section then you might ask to have these placed on your legs after surgery. It helped J immensely. I don’t know the official term but I’m sure you can ask about them.

    And it is true that hospital policies often limit how well doctors and nurses can adhere to your plan. Plus you will often decide to change it yourself. But it’s good to have thought through the issues and options in advance.

  6. Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder that I need to get off my butt and do one of those. But hey, I’m not planning to have Lima Bean circumcised either! 😉

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