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When I first learned I was pregnant back in November 2004, I never gave much thought to how I would feed my baby.  For me it was a no-brainer.  I was going to breastfeed my baby.  I didn’t research the pros, or cons of nursing (yes, as pro-breastfeeding as I am, I admit there are definitely some drawbacks to it).  I didn’t plan on nursing because it was better for me, because it would help me lose weight, because it was better for my baby, etc…  It was something that just seemed natural to me.  My mom breastfed me, she breastfed my brother, and I’d seen our cat nurse her kittens.  Maybe its because its something that I grew up with, not that my mom was a lactivist or anything, but its something I saw my mom do with my brother, and I mimicked it when playing with my dolls. 

After nursing Sierra for 13 months, and now Brooke (for 10 mos and still going strong!), I’ve become more keenly aware of the benefits that I’ve brought to my daughters because of the choice that I made.  Today, I came across this article:

Breast-feeding called smart choice

Canadian researchers dispel lingering doubts about intelligence boost by nursing from breast.

Children who are breast-fed are smarter than those who aren’t. And children who nurse longer and more intensely are smarter still, according to the largest ever study on lactation and intelligence.  ARTICLE

This article has made me feel very proud of the sacrifices I’ve made in order to nurse my girls.  I’ve rebelled against my in-laws (though thankfully they haven’t been THAT verbal in their disagreement with the way I feed and parent my kids), I’ve sacrificed time (pumping during my lunches for 3 months when I went back to work with Sierra), I’ve sacrificed sleep (there have been SOOOOOOOO many times that I wished Rob could get up and feed the baby for me) and I’ve sacrificed my privacy (whipping out my boob in social situations to quiet down a screaming baby).  But now this article has pointed out that it has been well worth it!  My kids are going to be SMART!  A whole 7 IQ points just because I made some very small sacrifices!  Yippee!  I’m now more positive than ever that I made the right choice and I’m very thankful for my husband for his support, ’cause without him I couldn’t do it – he made the smart choice for his girls too.  And my mom?  She made the smart choice too, because I’m sure it was because of her choice, and also her support that I made this decision in the first place.  I just hope that in 25 + years from now my girls will also make the smart choice too. 

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  1. that’s one thing that bums me out about adopting. we weren’t given the opportunity to breastfeed. although, it did give ME the opportunity to be as involved in his early feeding as mom. we’ll just have to make it up to him by holding him every waking moment, right? 😉

    yay for your small sacrifices and feeding the babies the way nature intended!

  2. Yay! At least I did something right in my life! I breastfed you and your brother because it was more convenient and a hell of a lot more economical than formula. I didn’t have to worry about bottles, nipples, and sterilizing. My Mom breastfed most of the 7 children she had as well.

  3. Jeff, I have always felt a little sorry for adoptive parents (but ONLY for that reason – otherwise it’s fantastic.)

    Janice – good job on this post. More people need to have the balls to talk about it without being uber judgemental. I love nursing, sucky parts (heh – pun intended) and all.

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  4. I nursed my first daughter 3.5 years and currently nursing my son who is 6 months. So, to date, FOUR YEARS of nursing. There are always days I want to just give the kid a bottle and call it a day. Great to see other mammas out there that realize the sacrifices we all make for our kids are worth it!!

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