The Underwear Affair Race Report

This is going to be short because I’m utterly and completely exhausted from having far too much fun this weekend (not that I’m complaining).  Amongst all the stuff I did this weekend (girls night out, kids haircuts, visiting friends, going to Peachfest, having a friend visit…) I did remember to show up for the Underwear Affair and run.

And run I did – I ran my little heart out… and set a new personal best – I think… it’s been so long since I ran a race that I can’t even remember what my PB for 10K is.  Ummmm… OK, I just checked the wonderful internet and found that I ran 5 minutes faster 6 years ago in the Nike RUNTO – but that was well before kids. I think have to start a new list of post-kids PB’s – that’s only fair right?  And also, since I’m being honest, the Nike RUNTO was in 2003 and it was a few weeks after doing an Olympic Distance Tri, and also the same year I did two marathons, a 30K race, and a sprint triathlon (when I was in the best shape of my entire adult life) – so blah!  I’m definitely going to have to start a whole new list of PR’s. (Here’s a link to my old racing records)

Anyways I went out fast: 5:20/km (my training pace averaged 5:45/km) and somehow I managed to keep close to the 5:20 pace I started out at for the whole race.  Maybe it was because I had such awesome fans cheering me on:

(Their signs say “Go Mommy Go” and were made as a surprise for me while I was out Friday night for Girl’s Night Out).

Since I maintained the same pace pretty steadily for the whole race, there isn’t much to tell.  The weather was beautiful, the eye candy was amazing, and I felt great throughout the race (and the only 5 fans on the whole race route were amazing!).  I finished in 57:50.   Two minutes faster than my goal, yet five minutes slower than my PB, but like I said – those old PB’s no longer count ;)

Oh yeah – and I raised a whole lotta money for cancer – $560 to be exact!  The race itself raised $780,000!  So that’s awesome too!  (Thank you to everyone who sponsored me – you guys are the true heros!)

I’m not going to post the pics of me running in my underwear ’cause I promised sponsors that those pics are just for them and I’ll be sending out a big thank you tomorrow to them with pics my hubby took, and hopefully more from the race photographers (though if you’re a friend on facebook you can find one pic there).  If you want to see the pics, then you have until the end of September to sponsor me (hint), after that the race organizers will take the site down in preparation for next year’s race.

Thank you everyone for all of your support, sponsorship and kind words!  I can’t thank you enough – You’re the best!

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The Underwear Affair Race Report

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