The World’s Worst Wife

I curled up in bed with my laptop tonight lastnight (EDIT: my site was down again by the time I went to publish this) absolutely ecstatic that my site is now back up and running after being down all weekend.  Yay!  I get to publish a post!  Then I began thinking about what I should write about.  Should I write about how pissed I am at my site host for taking ALL weekend to respond to my support request?  Apparently 24/7 support doesn’t include weekends.  Should I write about how stoked I am to have come across Feedblitz, a site that combines all posts created during a 24 hr period from the feeds I subscribe to into one email digest.  It even let me import all the feeds I subscribe to with Google Reader.  Then it dawned on me.  Today is was my hubby’s birthday (he’s sleeping now) and I abso-freaking-lutely forgot to wish him a Happy Birthday.  I emailed him this morning and wished him a happy birthday, but that totally doesn’t count.


Yes – I’m the world’s.worst.wife. ever!


That said, I threw him a "party" on the weekend.  My parents came over and we had his favourite pizza and I made him his very own jar of homemade salsa:



AND I made him a two-tired birthday cake (bottom is confetti cake and the top is chocolate – Sierra’s idea):


AND we gave him a present – Call of Duty for his Wii.


AND then, my parent’s babysat while he and I went on a date. A real date. To a movie.  We saw the new Bond movie.  It was great and neither one of us wanted to come home.  But alas – we came home because it was snowing and my parents had to drive an hour to get home. 


So – am I still the world’s.worst.wife ever?  Yeah, I agree – it’ll take me a good 20 yrs to live this one down.  I totally suck!

7 thoughts on “The World’s Worst Wife

  1. You are not BY FAR the worst wife ever. So you forgot for a short time at least you had him a party this weekend. As I get older … 40 (21 with lots of experience) my birthdays really don’t matter too much. My kids birthdays are all that really count to me. Just to make you feel bad .. I remembered his b-day (the day after mine). I also remember yours is ….. won’t share here. Don’t think you are the worst wife ever … I can share lots of stories I know of wives who are way worse than you.

  2. sounds like you did a lot. My husband took me out to East Sides on my B-day…when all I really wanted was cake. Kids both caused a fuss (who are we kidding taking a three- year old and a newborn to a restaurant…) so we didn’t even get to dessert. My neighbors ended up delivering me a piece of cake that night!

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