There’s A Hole In My Head

There’s a hole in my head, dear readers, dear readers…

All I can say is: Thank goodness for Post-It Notes – otherwise I’d never remember what I was doing. Today I walked over to the fax machine with a pile of papers in my hand. Once I got all the way there I looked at the papers and thought to myself “Who the hell am I faxing these to?“. :roll: I swear – losing one’s mind is the weirdest side effect that pregnancy has. What the hell does my memory have to do with my growing tummy? Larger breasts, stretch marks and weight gain I understand. But memory loss? Where was I going with this? …. Oh yeah! What could possible be the physiological explanation? Is there one? Oy! That is just WAY too much thinking for this little mom-to-be!

9 thoughts on “There’s A Hole In My Head

  1. LOL. My boss uses post-it-notes like crazy. She even staples them to her purse so she won’t forget things she needs to do on the way home from work! And congratulations on the pregnancy! My favorite time in life was during my pregnancy. But I have to warn you, the brain farts, they are only beginning…and could possibly get much worse. 😉

  2. And it never comes back. With each impending pregnancy you start at the diminished level left from the last pregnancy. People think it’s all to do with aging… not so. It started with a little lump in the belly.

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