Things Every Active Mommy Needs

Yanno, it doesn’t matter if you play tennis, hockey, soccer, volleyball, run, walk, do yogo, pilates, or lift weights etc… We all need some basic things to keep us active and healthy:

• Rest
• Water
• Proper nutrition
• Support of family/friends

And as I’m now learning, all active mommies need a good Athletic Therapist or Physiotherapist (and maybe even a good Registered Massage Therapist too).

FIVE weeks ago (after I ran the Harry’s Spring Run-Off 5k) I hurt my foot. Actually both of my feet – I have bilateral (meaning both sides) plantar fasciitis (aka heel spurs). This basically means that when I walk barefoot it feels like someone is stabbing the bottom of my heels with sharp daggers. It’s freaking painful!!!!!!! I’ve been hopping around and “resting” for five weeks, sadly it’s NOT getting better L Not running is driving me my family CRAZY! I’m a nasty, nasty person when I can’t run and I can feel my grey clouds returning – arrgh! Depression – I hate you!

Two weeks ago I gave in went and saw my friend Barb who’s both an Athletic Therapist (she and I went to school together) and a Physiotherapist. She’s awesome! My feet feel better already! Woot! In addition to her awesome treatments twice a week, she’s given me exercises to do at home to help – like massaging my feet on a soup can, stretching my calves and icing my heals. Also, today my feet are being molded for custom orthotics (dear awesome work benefit plan – I LOVE you!). I’m slowly getting better and Barb is also workign with me to correct the underlying causes of my injury (balance, strength, flexibility, biomechanics etc…).

I’ve now decided that all athletes need a good team of medical help to keep us active. They say it takes a village to raise a child, right? Well guess what? It also takes a village to raise an athlete :)

NOTE: I generally lean in the direction of an Athletic Therapist (Athletic Trainer as they’re called in the US instead of a Physiotherapist). I may be a bit biased though because my educational background is in Athletic Therapy – I completed the program, all of my volunteer and clinical hours and never wrote my CATA or NATA certification exams. I still kick myself for not following through because as I’ve gotten older I now realize what a great fit Athletic Therapy was for me and how my desk job doesn’t satisfy all of my needs. Perhaps when my kids are in school full-time I can convince hubby to let me go back to school and complete my Physiotherapy degree…